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Zhao Wei Hilary denounced the rumors: funding will be investigated for legal responsibility – Sohu Zhao Wei Zhao Wei micro-blog entertainment studio screenshot   statement;   Sohu entertainment news recently, the U.S. presidential election dust has settled, there are users on the network spread of the Hilary campaign funds sources, "said China is the second largest after the Saudi political donations from offshore sources. In most large personal political donors Chinese mainland actress Zhao Wei." The early morning of November 14th, Zhao Wei studio issued a solemn statement, that "the rumors stop wise. Huang Xiaoming and He Jiong in the circle of friends also forwarded behind. Zhao Wei studio issued a document said: "over the years, Zhao Wei put all the time on acting and directing work, has been to make the audience favorite and quality work for oneself, and put a lot of time and energy, lack of countless family time with their children, for it can put with rumors so surreal very sensational, and be a wild legend in her. A person who does not have enough sleep to rest, really can not afford this so-called world-class rumors. We sincerely hope that there will be no similar malicious injury occurred in any innocent person, we call for honesty, health, conscience, love!" And made it clear that it will pursue its legal responsibility. The text of the statement: on behalf of the studio Ms. Zhao Wei appeared on the Internet about Ms. Zhao Wei funded by the Hilary campaign team "rumors solemnly declare as follows: all about" Zhao Wei Hilary campaign team funded "rumors are false news. For a long time, there is no bottom line rumors continue to spread rumors, Ms. Zhao Wei was malicious smear and slander is Ms. Zhao Wei caused serious damage to the legitimate rights and interests. In this regard, we urge the majority of users to identify the relevant false news. For malicious slander, we will resolutely take legal means to pursue its legal responsibility. In the circle of friends forwarding support Zhao Wei   Huang Xiaoming Zhao Wei Huang Xiaoming forwarded micro-blog support at 14, forwarding the Zhao Wei studio statement rumor, and with the text said: "the rumors stop wise. A work even sleep are not enough people really shouldn’t carry such rumors, I hope not to have such malicious damage occurred in any one innocent person, we need to have a conscience, there is love in the world." He Jiong supports Zhao Wei   after also forwarded micro-blog, and commented: do not believe. We don’t believe!"   Chen Chen expressed support for Zhao Wei Chen at 1 a.m. forward micro-blog, said: "do not believe!" Xu Zheng issued a document on behalf of the support of  , Xu Zheng, more than 1 points in the morning forwarded the studio of micro-blog, commented: "let the rumors stop the wise man, right?" "."   Zhang Jingchu denounced the network violence Zhang Jingchu also issued a document in support of Zhao Wei, and denounced the network violence: "really hate network violence! Zhao Wei is my favorite actor and director. Believe in the wise!"   相关的主题文章:

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