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Yue Yunpeng rare sun daughter frontal girl a round face like father Yue Yunpeng sun daughter Yue Yunpeng Yue Yue sun daughter small screenshot micro-blog front license for their birthday girl look innocent entertainment news (the Tencent ran September 29th Rui) is the daughter of Yue Yunpeng’s birthday, Yue Yue in micro-blog rare sun daughter frontal, and with the text: "today is my daughter in Yuelu a birthday wish you Happy birthday, dad. Wish you healthy and happy growth." Photos, Yuelu an innocent expression, very cute. Netizens have ridicule little Yue Yue: daughter more handsome than father, father, hello!" Now the small Yue Yue, is a double harvest, the family business in April 2011, Yue Yunpeng and his wife Zheng Min wedding, the following year, two people gave birth to a baby girl in Yuelu, now has 4 years old. It is understood that Yue Yunpeng’s wife, a nurse in a hospital, was born in a family of intellectuals in the world, and the wife of Zheng Min. The wife not only gentle and virtuous, like users are also pretty generous praise. May 17th Yue Yunpeng is the wife’s birthday, Yue Yunpeng also served in the micro-blog sun wife makeup photos, and wrote: "sweet about that year in the village, the matchmaker said there is a girl on the roadside waiting for you to take a look at the past, you ride a bicycle head look, think I can go to the party with the parents said, I said that if the other party does not agree to do, I like this. I’m not sure, you said this looks matchmaker is really hard, but I can say this mouth. Go for a while, don’t stoop, is a high. I ride by your side, you looked up at me. So I have been together for six years, love you, my dear, Happy birthday." Netizens have also sent a blessing to this happy family, three, to see you, I feel the most common happiness of the most valuable, I hope little Yue healthy and happy growth!"相关的主题文章:

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