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Yang Xuezhu Chen Baoguo "the letter" to break through the war drama Sohu Yang Xue Entertainment – Qingliu national anti Japanese United Front Sohu to protect our homes and defend our country entertainment news recently, for the 80 anniversary of the victory of the long march to commemorate the Red Army Long March history as the story background adaptation of the drama of the big TV screen, dazzling. With a unique perspective about the legendary "invincible", but the letter has become a clear stream of talent shows itself. Yang Xue as a key figure in promoting the whole drama development, Fan Tianxi was in fear of the enemy fled in danger on the occasion of her wisdom in the office, to help Fan Tianxi smashed the enemy’s plot. The whole plot is reasonable, the story of the development of ups and downs, and the strength of the faction war drama starring, is for the conscience. The story begins in the form of Wang Yan’s self description, laying her key position in the whole story. From an art teacher to Yunnan adjutant, she in Fan Tianxi drive and infection, growing in a time of war in action, although her identity from the people to the soldiers, but her kindness, integrity and justice never disappear. With the development of the story, Wang Yan with Fan Tianxi led all Japanese and fought for two weeks and had run out of ammunition and food supplies, isolated and helpless. In that Fan Tianxi for support the Communist Party was wronged fear when she seized the enemy fled, mobilize all officers of the Corps over write a petition on behalf of officers and soldiers to Wuhan to voice the Commission, and the spring son together in the street shouting danger, encouraged the people, she is not with their own ability and cleverness to help Fan Tianxi to disrupt the enemy’s plot. And in the process of fighting, will be converted to admiration and friendship, although the outcome is unknown, but so far the highest audience is still on this bloody revolution CP. The same as the man in the play "red", and Yang Xuehua, the distinct personality and characteristics of the perfect interpretation of the role of proof for all actions, women also use their power to protect our homes and defend our country. According to Yang Xue himself revealed that the cooperation with the teacher Chen Baoguo, his performance as well as the attitude of the film and a lot of sublimation. As we all know, Chen Baoguo is an outstanding performing artists, serious and serious about acting almost harsh, and debut for many years in the performing arts on the road to go for a long time, the performance of the Polish almost perfect Yang Xue. Two people have a strong love of performing arts, this love does not need to be very ambitious, from the interpretation of the role of many details can be seen. For example, when the death of Wang Yan in the run out of ammunition and food supplies eyes, pulled the last hand grenade subtle movements, and trembling body after the escape from death in a great catastrophe is the strength of the actors, the long-term self-cultivation to reach the heights. In recent years, the domestic war drama level is not poor, it occupies a space for one person in the home screen "war". Compared with other war drama, "invincible" to the letter script excellent win, is more like a female perspective of the War Memoirs, the whole drama actor not only Acting superior strength, higher than the average level, and the story of the development of compact, lively rhythm, fascinating. It is reported that the play will usher in the ending next week, between Wang Yan and Fan Tianxi’s feelings will decide on what path to follow please look forward to.相关的主题文章:

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