Wuxi R & D fraud at the shield stopped more than 60 times daily. Fraud (video) denka

Wuxi R & D fraud at the "shield" stopped more than 60 times daily fraud at the Wuxi Municipal Public Security Bureau held a press conference, announced to the public "Wuxi public security anti fraud information network platform" (hereinafter referred to as the "platform") on the progress of work run nearly two months since the. Reporters learned from the meeting, the "platform" in September 1st on-line test run so far, Wuxi telecom users daily web site visits 1 billion 500 million times, of which the "platform" to intercept fraud at more than 60 times daily, intercepted more than 98% success rate, accuracy rate of 99%. The crime of fraud involving the URL of the Wuxi city all kinds of network fraud criminal cases have been effectively curbed in the user in a telecommunication network, there is a clear downward trend month by month. In recent years, network fraud alert the public security organs reported increased year by year, statistics show that in 2015 the national communications information fraud cases up to more than 50, resulting in the loss of people’s economy as high as 22 billion yuan, while the public security authorities continue to increase efforts to crack down, but there are still illegal to rush into danger. In Jiangsu Wuxi, the local police last year reported phishing alarm rose 15.27%. From the analysis of the reported cases, Internet fraud involving online shopping, false winning, posing as an acquaintance, dating, recruitment, enrollment and other types of investment, although the ever-changing patterns change rapidly, means, but is still the main carrier of the implementation of fraud false website, malicious URLs, malicious programs, criminals use false information registered abroad web site, its great quantity, wide spread, difficult to identify, update fast, network fraud group, cross regional is more obvious, more prominent secret. Facing the grim situation of network fraud problems in the rapid growth and the fight to prevent and deal with the government, the Wuxi Municipal Public Security Bureau in the investigation at the same time, the source target of online fraud, by Consolidated Communication Corp and R & D enterprises to strengthen the depth of cooperation and resources of police and anti fraud integration, which lasted more than six months of the first in the country launched the "platform". Wuxi City Public Security Bureau network security detachment vice captains Lin Kangli introduced, since the "platform" enabled, Wuxi city network fraud cases involving fraud. The crime rate dropped by many. Among them, in September fell 72.3% year on year to October 1st, to 20, down by 88%. This platform is the Wuxi public security departments for malicious URLs, malicious programs in the country to take the lead in the introduction of large data platform." Wuxi City Public Security Bureau network security detachment, involved in network fraud cases occurred in the city of Wuxi in the 72% links, winning fraud at the mobile phone virus and 85% links, 98% counterfeit bank and pseudo base station site has covered interception through the platform. At the same time, in order to ensure that the user experience in the interception process is not affected, the platform also through the establishment of a powerful cloud background to enhance the ability to handle large data, to ensure that the user response time is not more than 30 milliseconds. Wang Jun told reporters that this speed is faster than the blink of an eye. Lin Kangli introduced the "platform" at the Wuxi R & D launched is divided into data acquisition, real-time detection, malicious interception, analysis and display of four parts, 6 kinds of malicious links and screened 59 subcategories for direct interception sub相关的主题文章:

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