Wuchang, Hubuxiang, now closed for 1 months after the transformation of the Internet users want bett p8400

Wuchang Hubuxiang today suspended for 1 months after the transformation of users: Hope better yesterday, Hubuxiang is still bustling, a young couple with a delicacy photo reporter Hu Dongdong photo news review [] is only 3 meters wide, 147 meters long, but the daily maximum traffic of nearly 190 thousand people in the "eat small paradise" – Wuchang Hubuxiang, today to November 8th closed construction. In the meantime, the old lane businesses all suspended business. Yesterday was the last day of the opening of Hubuxiang before the transformation, but also the last day of this year’s National Day golden week, Changjiang Daily official WeChat (ID:whcjrb), the official micro-blog, headlines push an article titled "Chinese taste early first street with our free will! Here a little attention will put the T-shirt or skirt down "article, illustrated to show the Hubuxiang hot scene atmosphere, reviews the history of Hubuxiang, people and things, causing netizens widely forwarded and discussed. A friend is worth a go @ suddenly think of you: Snack Street, stores have made a brand. Speaking of flour, of course is our great Wuhan hot and dry noodles. @JOY- Tivoli: I mostly with foreign friends come to eat, variety. Recommended "crazy Li, really delicious roast bullfrog! @ large stone: in October 3rd, I took my kids to a month earlier, "Xu’s burnt soup, bean curd is good, then a Olga people. Hu cat mI: ten years ago, I lived there was no decoration, super narrow alley everywhere do early smoke. The night that way "small dumplings and cakes" good, but only in the morning. I went to Guangzhou to eat rice rolls, but still love Hubuxiang "for a long time to remember" Changfen, still often drive to eat. I also like to eat small alley second do Rosa love a marinade, as if "he ji". "Xu’s burnt soup is really good," my father is the owner of junior high school students. In addition, hot and dry noodles stone also can still a woman! Transformation to improve the quality and content of @Sally Kiki: Hubuxiang is a place where foreigners will go, I hope the transformation of the Hubuxiang environment, food is better and better! @fxpsyc: I hope Hubuxiang can like Hing Street as a successful transition! Tomorrow’s Sun: Hubuxiang is a famous snack street in Wuhan. If any friends come from far away, I will introduce them to taste the food here. It should be said that the government did spend energy to carefully build and nurture the brand, so that Wuhan snacks from here, heritage. But Wuhan local people have the habit of the nearest handy early, Hubuxiang hope that business users who spend more time, more efforts to improve the quality and the connotation, don’t put your prices too high. Breakfast should be done cheap ah! (reporter Wang Rongfei finishing)相关的主题文章:

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