Within a week of the 3 car glass smashed car owners said never quarrel with people (video) luonv

Within a week of the 3 car glass smashed car owners said never to dispute with others Ms. Qi to the window with a plastic bag and rain recently, who lives in Chaoyangmen, Ms. Qi Dongfeng Square community because the car parked in the area, repeatedly thwarted by unidentified persons, let one family is really a headache. "Convenience, in a rented no access area, can not think of car frequent injuries." Ms. Qi told reporters, her car within a week of the 3 car glass smashed, also do not know who made the. Ms. Qi said she rented in the Dongfeng Square community has more than two years, because the rent tenants, with the people around and not much, not to mention the quarrel. The car glass repeatedly destroyed, let Ms. Qi a very helpless. Ms. Qi told reporters, because the night market to do business, after the end of the evening after the operation, she and her husband to go home is also relatively late. Other areas have access control, the general will be closed at night, because I am afraid of trouble, we have no room in the rental of the door, but I did not expect these days have encountered this." Ms. Qi said, continuous smashed car glass rather baffling, she recently spent thousands of pieces of light car. Ms. Qi said, the glass smashed, which also left a bullet holes. Reporters yesterday at the scene, because it is a rainy day, Ms. Qi found the car glass damaged, immediately to the window was covered in a layer of plastic bags cover. Currently, she has to the area of the East five road police station alarm. The police rushed to the scene after the alarm, after careful investigation, found a ball in the field. In the end who is frequently aligned Ms. car under the "black hand", the police station has been involved in the investigation. The reporter Ge Lan (Shaanxi newspaper) Note: the video is only extended reading. Area of 12 vehicles a night was splashed paint three car glass smashed the car threw the axe相关的主题文章:

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