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What is the probability that Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang will be together? The Sina entertainment for the summer water column big hit TV series "smiled very little" has finished playing, but in the online heat is still unabated, still caused widespread concern and discussion. The most discussed, naturally, Yang Yang, the pair of CP. As the most fashionable niche, small artistes, Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang of this cooperation is perfect, in the hearts of fans is created "allure couple" this classic model. For a time, Yang Yang on the reality of the fact that it is not able to come together in the voice of the increasingly strong also in the. In fact, for some of the classic screen couple, fans love I hope they go together the idea had never been, such as early Adam Cheng Angie Chiu, as well as ten years ago, Hu Ge Liu Yifei, Wallace Huo Zhao Liying, recently. Of course, these so-called screen couple, in reality are not together, after all, and life is different. Of course, just because of the play between the stars, very well is not in the minority, such as "brilliant spring pig" and together with Xu Zheng Hong Tao and his wife, and soon due to "create" Sha Yi Hu He and his wife, and soon because of "new" save Jia Nailiang Li Xiaolu couple. Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang, if you really want to be together, it is not impossible. One of the first problems, however, is that they have sex. As far as Zheng Shuang is concerned, the entanglement between her and Zhang Han is still a topic of discussion among fans, I hope the fans can meet the two still have a lot of. Of course, rational point of view, very little possibility of Zheng Shuang Zhang Han and the good, but the stem presence will always limit Zheng Shuang’s emotional development, the government will have some problems on the emotional trend. Furthermore, whirling relationship between Zheng Shuang and Hu Yanbin, two people in the end is really broke up? Still ouduansilian? The media message is true or false. For Yang Yang, he has a lot of scandal, before the news that he likes Liu Yifei. A few days ago, the Internet rumors Yang Yang girlfriend Victoria Song, but Victoria Song himself in September 7th micro-blog rumor, said he is single, and there is self-knowledge, declined to speculation, declined to lose." Seen in this light, Yang Yang’s emotion is relatively blank, after all, are some of the scandal, there is no substantial evidence that it and the star who has a love experience. So it is possible for Yang Yang to be with him. In fact, whether Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang can really together, the fans think is always weak, they in the brain as Zheng Shuang put on the wedding dress, and pushed to the arms of Yang Yang, just a happy and full of yearning for enjoyment. Disclaimer: This article represents only the author’s point of view and does not represent the position of sina相关的主题文章:

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