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Wei Jixiang was reported from the second day of retirement fails to be punished by the party warning Wei auspicious yesterday afternoon, Chinese Football Association Lin Xiaohua discipline committee members meeting, approved by the central state organs Discipline Committee, directly under the authority of the State Sports General Administration of Party Discipline Committee decided to discipline the foot control center Party Secretary Wei Jixiang (now Chinese Football Association vice president) to give the party warning, because in 2013 he went to visit Zhoushan beach during a football match, to the Mount Putuo scenic spot. It is worth mentioning that, at the end of last year, Wei Jixiang was the football association staff Fu Yupei real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing "received 100 thousand yuan commissions, asked to go to the club, but the investigation has not been identified. The sightseeing tour, Wei Jixiang is also reported by the masses, even though he has left the Football Association, but ultimately did not escape punishment. Do not delay retirement procedures internal on Thursday, China Football Association Secretary General Zhang Jian to the State Sports General Administration of Sports Lottery Management Center (hereinafter referred to as the lottery center), he has a special purpose, is carrying the original full tube center party secretary, deputy director Wei Jixiang to the lottery center report, from this day, Wei Jixiang officially transferred China Football Association, and the human relations into the "old club" lottery center. At the beginning of this year China football association working conference, the Football Association official informed, Wei Jixiang officially retired in April this year, as previously China Guozihao team in charge of the leadership, Wei Jixiang went to the scene and no military governor in late March’s two qualifiers 40 strong matches like that game. But since then, Wei Jixiang has to work a lot of football, the football association staff thought that Wei Jixiang had completed the retirement formalities. But according to insiders revealed by Fu Yupei et al Chinese Football Association staff real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing violations, Wei Jixiang came under investigation by the Discipline Department, and the results of the investigation before the introduction, Wei Jixiang is not required to apply for retirement procedures. According to the State Sports General Administration and China Football Association in August last year launched a "Chinese Football Association adjustment reform program" the spirit, agree with the original foot control center staff according to the wishes of the individual choice is in the Chinese Football Association, or to the General Administration of sport of other unit office, choose Wei Jixiang is removed from the China Football Association, to the system of General Administration of sport in other institutions to implement retirement procedures, so as to ensure that the relevant retirement benefits. Zhang Jian will be sent to the lottery center after second days, the Chinese Football Association received a decision on the disposition of the punishment of Wei Jixiang Wei Jixiang. Punishment from the masses report on Monday, the Chinese Football Association under the auspices of the current party secretary Yu Hongchen, the party was held on the issue of punishment by the Party committee of Wei Jixiang. According to the relevant requirements, the football association must be informed of the results of the investigation of all Party members, Lin Xiaohua yesterday at all Party members read the decision on the punishment. It is understood that Wei Jixiang was due to go to Zhoushan in 2013 to investigate the national beach soccer tournament during the visit to Mount Putuo tourism discipline and punished. A football association who was present, said, in October 2013, we do not know whether Wei Jixiang was invited, but he did go to Mount Putuo to play." Wei Jixiang punished is the identity of the foot control center, the former party secretary, this is because the China Football Association from the General Administration of sport is no stripping system at相关的主题文章:

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