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Reminder: the tournament champions Arsenal for 7 consecutive victories relaxed [Champions League] players football forecast analysis: Ludo Guedes vs Arsenal start time: analysis of 2016-11-02 04:00 hunting ball: FUN88 8.75 5.20 1.26 FUN88: first for the instant: 8.25 5.20 1.35 Ludo Guedes? Ludo Guedes is the Super League last season, the new season’s Premier League the top position. The Champions League second qualifying laps from playing, has eliminated Serbia, Montenegro and Czech giants to only qualify for the group phase, the team has experienced the hone strong desire. But Ludo Guedes is the worst? Strength in the Champions League group A, is currently the only product 1 points ranked inferior goal difference bottom panel position. Lu Doug Des? As a Bulgarian tyrannical attack strong firepower, the last 10 games have 9 field goals, of which the first 2 games in the Champions League against Paris and Basel offensive were 1 balls in the group, the last round of Lu Doug 0-6 away defeat to Arsenal at the foot. In the last week? In the Bulgarian cup, Lu Doug des 4-0 defeat away to Montana at the weekend, even in the race, the team won the team 5-3 away, ushered in the competitions of the three winning streak. Doug? And Lu des up to 16 foreign aid team, including Brazil players accounted for 8, another top scorer in C. Keseru (18 games this season, the 11 game) worth up to 4 million euros, outstanding personal ability. But Lu Doug? There are some hidden dangers in Des defense competitions, in 10 competitions lost 16 balls, but the team’s offensive firepower is very powerful, the last 10 games in all competitions scoring 3.2 goals, showing hot competitive state, the team with powerful offensive firepower to conceal flaws of the defense. Ludo Guedes? Although unmatched in domestic football in Europe, but they face stronger opponents always can find no way out, they are still difficult to estimate the points. A Senna? Last season as League runner up A Senna start to the season Dikaigaozou, since in the first 2 rounds in Liverpool and Leicester City for the most recently recorded, 8 wheel unbeaten, currently ranked second in the league, the team trend is quite strong. Recently? The race made seven straight Arsenal can be described as smooth, they ushered in the Bulgarian Team Challenge Ludo Guedes again in the Champions League, the Champions League in the group phase with the Paris team with 4 points tied first Arsenal will not miss the opportunity to create a eight game winning streak. ? A Senna is now under the leadership of Wenger in the rising stage and on the right path, Sanchez played better, Walcott has been reborn, Mesut Ozil in front of the play at the A Senna players this season in the Premier League and the Champions League shown is that calm confidence and lead the. But the problem with Arsenal is to play too casual and casual in the lead, in the 3-2 win over Swansea at 2-.相关的主题文章:

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