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Travel back to the illegal bird’s nest   not only to be destroyed, will be fined? – Sichuan channel — original title: outbound violations not only to destroy the bird’s nest back, will be fined? National Day holiday travel, don’t put the contraband back. Yangzi Evening News reporter learned from Jiangsu inspection and Quarantine Bureau, and carried out in Nanjing, Nantong, Huaian and other 10 brigades postal inspection ports of the country ban pin "activities, about 1.5 tons of recently intercepted prohibited, mailing the entry of plants and animals and its products were destroyed. Correspondent Li Weihong Wang Lianghua Yangzi Evening News reporter Xue Ling > > a return flight from Bali Island intercepted more than and 10 kilograms of objects prohibited the destruction of bird’s nest are what? In Nanjing port, the destruction of the scene, Yangzi Evening News reporter saw the scene, not only destroyed the bird’s nest, shark’s fin, sea cucumber and other animal products, also have the plant seeds and seedlings, there are a lot of people like the lavender bear. Why the lavender bear became prohibited from entering the country? Inspection and quarantine staff said that the Australian Lavender bear is not an ordinary doll, it is also filled with lavender seeds. These seeds without phytosanitary certificate and quarantine examination and approval procedures, there is a risk of invasive species and pests spread. Inspection and quarantine agencies throughout the country have been intercepted from the lavender bear stuffed with a variety of harmful organisms, weed seeds and pathogens. This year, Nanjing Airport Inspection and quarantine staff from a trip from Indonesia to Bali Island flights, successively from two passengers luggage intercepted 41 boxes of bird’s nest, the weight of 10.231 kilograms. The two passengers carrying the bird’s nest filled with two large suitcases, and use plastic bags wrapped in tinfoil, black. During the inspection, the passengers argued that they were carrying "local specialties" in an attempt to evade inspection. The bird’s nest belongs to passengers are prohibited entry articles, and may carry the avian flu virus, and other harmful foodborne microorganisms, on-site inspection and quarantine personnel to take the interception of the destruction of these nests. For objects prohibited interception, inspection and quarantine departments is how to deal with? Yangzi Evening News reporter learned that, for the prohibition of carrying, mailing of animals and plants and their products, by the quarantine authorities in accordance with the actual situation of the return or destruction. For fruits, dairy products, meat products, the most common prohibited items, because of its easy deterioration, inspection and quarantine departments after the registration number, sent to the designated place for high-temperature destruction. For easy to save and lower risk of animal and plant products, inspection and quarantine generally take back to deal with, in order to reduce the loss of passengers. Remind > > exit to buy products to understand the regulations may face penalties illegal carrying eleven outbound holiday many people will buy some local specialties in return, inspection and quarantine staff remind outbound passengers, must advance understanding of our country about the prohibition of carrying, plants and animals and their products by mail entry law in order to avoid unnecessary loss. Prohibited from entering the country intercepted more common fruit, meat and other animal and plant products, without quarantine)相关的主题文章:

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