Tonight the Liaoning football team home court against the Jiangsu team on the echelon War Bow

Tonight the Liaoning football team home court against the Jiangsu team on the echelon war curtain call today at 19:35, the 2016 Super League season will usher in the final round of the ending drama, Liaoning will be in the home court and Shenyang Hongyun Jiangsu Suning staged the relegation battle. For this game, Liaozu, not only to avoid relegation, but also stick to the team for 19 years Zhao Junzhe sent a perfect curtain call ceremony. Talking about this field has the double meaning of the game, Liaozu coach Marin said: "we’re in Tiexi stadium in the last game, the game must beat opponents, to avoid relegation success. All of our players, coaches, confidence in the game." According to Zhao Junzhe revealed yesterday that the game will replace the team Liaozu race suits armbands, new armbands for Zhao Junzhe in the course of running pattern. Father: I hope Zhao newborn grandson complete the desire of the father as many people know, Zhao Junzhe has a very strict father, he no less beaten as a child. Is the so-called teacher gaotu, old Zhao in life is very loving son, whenever there is Liaozu game can always see his shadow in the stands. Speaking at his son at the new mood, Zhao described it as "a kind of torture, because there will be winners and losers, there will be bad. Today, his son is going to retire, he said the retreat on the back, the platform to give more young people. At present, Zhao new focus on two grandchildren, I hope they can play Liaozu some day in the future, to complete my father could not realized. "Back to the bar, but also to this age." Speaking of Zhao Junzhe retired, old Zhao said quietly. Liaozu fans old Zhao was an avid young, and this gives him the Zhao Junzhe culture as a football player’s idea. "When the little Junzhe I was thinking, what time can be put on the son of Liaoning team uniforms." When Zhao Junzhe raised the first team and for the first time to play the game, old Zhao tears. Zhao said the new, to see his son play is a kind of torture: "because I have the Liaoning complex, and the game will win, the child also has to play a bad time, will follow his own worry together." Although the team has represented China Junzhe on the stage of the world cup, and in a match against Brazil when the shot hit the post, but the old Zhao has always had a desire that can help Chinese Junzhe into the World Cup team in qualifying, but this desire has not been able to realize. As the saying goes "like father like son", the phrase used in the father and his son Junzhe huckleberry, son of Zhao Chen but grew to show talent in football. "Chen Chen four years old when I took him to practice, now in the past 5 years, the potential even better than his father was." Old Zhao said, now practicing better than Zhao Junzhe at that time. Although Zhao Junzhe to be retired, but Zhao newborn is not sad, because of his grandson’s body to see hope. "When he does not practice it with Junzhe professional, just a fan, I took Chen Chen now to a number of professional training, than other parents, will find some detail." Every day, the old Zhao will bring children to practice, his mind will often draw a picture. "Now, Chen Chen is 9 years old, more than and 10 years later, he will play in the top league.相关的主题文章:

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