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This qianjiangchao typhoon tide guide please "in August eighteen tide, spectacular world without". However, behind this spectacular but hidden great danger. And when the tide meets the typhoon, the danger will enlarge a lot. Therefore, the Hangzhou police with a travel guide, urged the public to obey the command, security tide. Temporary traffic control sections of these days have tide line bus in Xiaoshan over the years are the key areas of Hangzhou’s mid autumn tide. Reporters learned that the traffic police department will take the following traffic control measures. From September 17, 2016 to September 19th, 9 pm to 17 pm on the day of Tonghui Road (inclusive), East River Village Boulevard (not included), Qiantang River South West dyke (including) four road, South Building (including) in Xiaoshan Administrative Region in the north, take temporary traffic control measures. Including the specific traffic control measures: first, the concept of fifteen lines (line intersection to a pond at the gate section), as appropriate, to prohibit all vehicles. Two, Hongda Road, highway 03 north east line extension section, fifteen red line (Tong line to the intersection of horizontal line interchange Line (Nanyang section), Tang River Bridge to the village Avenue junction) banned hazardous goods transport vehicles and tractors, agricultural vehicles and 2 tonnes (inclusive) above the truck traffic. In three, over time, will be based on the actual situation of Hongda Road, timely Road, highway 03 east line north extension section, fifteen red line (Tang line intersection to the horizontal line interchange Line (Nanyang section), Tang River Bridge to the village Avenue junction) related to the implementation of the road intersection and other temporary traffic control measures. From the implementation of one-way traffic tide area from inside to outside. Four, during this period, in addition to the above road, the traffic police department will also take part in the region, the road to take temporary traffic control measures. At the same time, with the Haining Guanchao Festival (September 15th to 19), banned all trucks from the direction of Haining Xiasha development zone. During the tide, River Road, Jiangdong Road, Wentao road and other roads prohibit motor vehicle traffic and parking. Prohibit motor vehicles and non motor vehicles in the parking Qianjiang bridge, bridge, four bridge and Jiubao bridge tide. It is understood that the tide during the festival the bus company opened a tide line bus, starting from Xiaoshan bus station to the tide, recommend bus travel. The police warned the 8 tide danger point the public to choose a safe area in addition to observe the route, the police also combed several tide dangerous point. Haining, Haining old Yancang gap, Xiasha seven lattice, the beauty of Xiaoshan dam, Xiaoshan dam No. nine, seven, three Fort Fort, Jiuxi, the 8 parts of the "line" tide "back the tide" although the magnificent, but also very fierce. Police remind the tide to choose safe area tide, obey the command, and strictly comply with the warning signs on the levees along the river. Don’t bore through the convex bank, water pier, T-shaped dam, rock revetment head, salon area tide, don’t climb over the fence to the beach or to no security measures embankment near the tide. Ferocious tide, even standing on the shore, there may be accidental injury. No matter is in the ebb tide, Qiantang River in swimming, fishing, under the embankment are high-risk behavior shade. While those seemingly out of the water flood, cross dam, but also are very dangerous, not suitable for play, enjoy the cool air. In case of falling into the water or being hit by the tide, try to hold on to the side.相关的主题文章:

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