These little sister of the PP Changsha Alice surprisingly someone to break the jeans

These Changsha girl small PP Alice was also the jeans are bursting with impressive bust is not a strange thing, we also love to see is rounded tight "butt", a man named Jen Selter’s 22 year old girl in New York, the day before she shared a photo of skinny jeans in Instagram, one of the bright eyes of the users who is her jeans was her plump buttocks burst! "As the saying goes" one minute on the stage takes ten years of practice, to break the jeans, peach hips remarkable skill. The Jen Selter has spent four years to get today’s "skill" sexy "peach hip, although the name sounds like dirt, but it is quite vivid. What is "peach hip"? Of course, as the name suggests is as strong as a peach, smooth and elastic bottom. "Like this many times we only pay attention to the waist leg, but ignored the most significant figure of the hip. Especially our sedentary office girls, buttocks flat loose, even had the A4 waist, a pair of white flowers and long legs, no beautiful peach hip match, wearing tight pants or skirt a not so perfect. We cannot do well… Maybe… Or… That’s your PP. To say that the industry benchmark, the most standard peach hip than the most let the man hold can not live the secret angel! These rounded, compact and pretty peach P just don’t look too good. "Has been so proud of the hip line, what a tight skirt, wearing high waisted leggings, stunning the audience every minute! Hip high line, long legs and a foot is not unreasonable, therefore, usually said his legs thick MM, please check the PP Oh ~ hips rounded lines, the visual effect of elongated leg line. Hip WOW~~ visual feast, where there are thick legs around like this ~ ^ ^ or that actually, you also don’t envy them, in Changsha also has a lot of peach hip girl. First put some photos to let you see… (please prepare towel) – look at the waist Qiaotun, have heard the voice of the ~ ~ ^ no slobber squat, squatting up not Qiaotun ~everybady!! This long underwear really steal the spotlight!! Meng Meng Da underwear can not hide this sexy little PP feel pants to hold! Broken! By! The sports after the favorite is pose! To tell the truth, you have no! "While practicing shot, is the correct posture of fitness! Quietly tell you, these are attended by Tencent · Hunan large network combined with Norway Snyder Fitness Academy held Changsha first awards — "the first perfect figure Norway Snyder Cup" Fitness Aerobics championship!! If you are like them, dare to show their own, Xiaobian are so no principle! We are looking for you. Note: we figure of the goddess hip requirements have not so strict requirements on our body so we no strict requirements on the body is not so strictly important things must be said three times!! As long as you attribute female, 16 years old, dare to bask in photos, come to join! Activity 10000 yuan bonus Champion (cash) + value 1988 yuan feeling healthy meal card;相关的主题文章:

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