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The three quarter of 2008 Shanghai housing prices hit the fastest single quarter growth of   some banks shot against "false divorce" to buy a house — real estate — October 14 Beijing Xinhua (Xu Qian) in the past three quarters, Shanghai housing prices still high rise. According to the first Pacific Davies data show that in the three quarter, the Shanghai property market is still showing volume and price trend, the volume of commercial housing turnover rose by 31.6%, a total of about 4 million 200 thousand square meters. At the same time, one hand commodity residential transaction price rose 16.9%, the fastest since 2008 single quarter increase, the average transaction price of $41500 per square meter and then high. (First Pacific Davies for map) of first Pacific Davies said in early September, Shanghai introduced the new deal rumors stimulate turnover in August increased significantly, the monthly turnover reached 1 million 900 thousand square meters, an increase of 42%, an increase of 50%, the volume and prices rising fast. Previously, by the housing and credit recognition, improve the two suites down payment "" divorce less than one year, the purchase and loan policy in accordance with the effect before the divorce, family treatment and other rumors, many Shanghai families choose to rush into danger, "fake divorce" to avoid the high Shoufu, and to enjoy the first suite of interest rate concessions. For a while, Shanghai false divorce phenomenon intensified. At present, with the further tightening of regulation and control policies in Shanghai, the false divorce to avoid the practice of credit limit, part of the Bank of Shanghai has issued relevant measures. According to the first financial report, Minsheng Bank Shanghai branch has begun to mortgage applicants "divorce less than half a year" thorough investigation, before the divorce if the loan does not meet the eligibility criteria, even if the divorce, the direct stop. In this regard, Shanghai Centaline market analyst Lu Wenxi said: "some banks began to" fake divorce "limits, one is corresponding to the" Shanghai six "regulation spirit, strictly enforce the restriction of credit limit, and the" trap of technical shortcomings exist. Market is also a risk warning, do not do illegal action. Credit is the most effective part of the regulation, from the point of view of the action, the release of the signal, some of the regulatory aspects of the implementation of the rules will be gradually unveiled. So do not rule out the possibility of other commercial banks to follow up." This year, with the real estate market and the easing of credit policy, the bank’s personal housing loan business surge. reporter previously reported, the disclosure of statistical data of 18 listed banks in the first half of the company’s performance shows that the first half of this year, individual housing loans 18 banks scale has changed from the beginning of the growth of 11 trillion and 900 billion yuan to 13 trillion and 900 billion yuan, rose 16.3%, the fastest growth rate in recent years. Compared with the same period last year, an increase of 31%. Minsheng Bank which rose more than the beginning of the year, up 70%, compared with the same period last year rose to $120%. As of the end of 6, Minsheng Bank’s individual housing loan balance of 194 billion 840 million yuan. It is worth noting that overweight control the property market in the country under the background of the real estate credit policy tightening or. October 12th, the central bank held a commercial bank housing credit conference to convey real estate regulation相关的主题文章:

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