The tenth Guicheng leisure fashion culture festival exhibition of Guicheng intangible cultural herit

The tenth Guicheng leisure fashion culture festival exhibition of intangible cultural heritage in Guicheng heard Guicheng this year tenth Guicheng cultural leisure fashion culture festival is also a big move! GF summoned to invite all heroes gathered in Guicheng! Guicheng residents are bound to high to stop! The tenth Guicheng leisure fashion culture festival and the Guicheng exhibition of intangible cultural heritage, intangible cultural heritage of Guangdong province paper-cut master Rao lotus apprentice ceremony. The opening scene shows Guicheng dragon boat, dragon and lion, ten fan, embroidery, paper-cut opera, intangible cultural heritage, intangible cultural heritage exhibition Guicheng cultural connotation, a traditional culture course open up a fresh outlook for everyone, the paper-cut master Rao held on-site apprentice ceremony, witnessed the inheritance and development of traditional culture. Guicheng Ping Chau, known as the "opera town" reputation. In 1917, Guicheng established the "Ping Le Qunying Guangdong training cultivate Lin Chaoqun, Zhang Jicai, Jin Zhi leaves a large number of important personnel and the famous opera circle. A flat in Guicheng Cantonese opera has a long history, deep mass base, almost every village people Chuiladanchang, constantly singing, Fengnianguojie is crowded. "Guicheng Foshan tea base village ten" flying cymbals dazzling, unique, impressed after watching. 2007 has been listed as the first batch, the second batch of intangible cultural heritage list; in February 2008 was listed as the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage list. Since then, the "ten times" has been protected, reborn and Xia Xi Liang Xi Cun Guicheng has its branches, crisp music will always accompany Guicheng through the Dongping River echoed in the years. Foshan has a long history of martial arts culture. Guangdong modern martial arts legend, this great master Lin Shirong was born in the South China Sea Guicheng Ping Chau, Huang Feihong kens disciple, all his life and carry forward the quintessence, Kuangfu justice, have a great impact at home and abroad. There is a generation of Hongkong boxer Shao Hansheng is known as the South China Sea Guicheng Sanshan, he had become a technical practice, connecting north and south by Bruce Lee boxer, known as "Uncle", organized the "thousands of people parade, Chinese treasures show. Today, Guicheng is located in the old city streets Ping Wei Ping Chau Central Primary School in Guangdong province is the traditional martial arts school, Wushu culture heritage, in a variety of martial arts competitions in the school team won medals, won the Foshan Wushu Championship, sent 8 athletes to Guangdong wushu team study. The Guangdong area is the ancient song dialect song, is a kind of Guangdong folk songs, because the water for residents in the boat house, fishing, all adrift, hard work, labor, life is their song, love song. Guicheng Sanshan Nanhai Xu Min culture crystallization of salty water songs handed down from generation to generation, the South China Sea is the cultural treasures, is the living fossil of South of the Five Ridges ethnic folk culture village. In recent years, governments at all levels pay attention and protection, 2011 three saltwater was included in the third batch of Foshan intangible cultural heritage. Copper chisel paper-cut is Foshan’s unique paper-cut art, with unique to Foshan copper foil, copper chisel chisel and repeated knock, and mineral pigments. Due to the scarcity of resources, coupled with the difficulty of knocking technology, this kind of paper cutting has disappeared in Foshan for at least 30 years. In 2009, the national intangible cultural heritage project Foshan paper-cut biography相关的主题文章:

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