The Republic of China, in order to get a high school diploma to pay taxes yuanjiao

The middle school graduation certificate, pay taxes to take the Republic of China on the students of junior high school graduation certificate examination is very strict. The above are respectively covered by the school and the principal square embossed seal seal. During the Anti Japanese War, Xinjin middle school graduation certificate, the day before, the author found a Chengdu issued by the Xinjin high school graduation certificate from the collection of hundreds of diplomas, and share with you together through the back, then look at the middle school graduation certificate. In May 2013, I went to Shenyang on business, to a famous local history data collection on the use of spare time, to enjoy its many collections, inadvertently found this certificate, because Xinjin is our middle school in Chengdu City, plus another female students during the period of Anti Japanese War diploma, is very rare. He decided he must get ideas, after returning home, after repeated communication with him, finally to one of his love in a northeast high school graduation certificate issued by the exchange back. Present in front of us this graduation certificate, the size is much higher than our present diploma. Its size is 342 mm long, width of 332 mm. The certificate paper already yellow, around some of the damage, but the content is also clear. The graduation certificate used for traditional font Kaizi, student name, nationality, age and date of graduation class are used for writing brush handwriting, the rest of the printed word in italics. The certificate for the upper middle Sun Zhongshan standard head, on both sides is the color of the flag of the Republic of China and the Kuomintang party China. The main body around the use of black thick lines do borders. On the certificate, a student of black and white photos, and stamped the "KMT emblem" stamp in the photo below, the right to ride suture and stamped with the "Hall" education in Sichuan province government seal, in the name of the school and time stamped with the inscription on the square red seal, are "Xinjin county junior high school" and "Sichuan Province Department of education". There are third kinds of Certificate No. twenty-fifth on the left to ride at the suture line, show the certificate is Xinjin county junior high school, thirty-two years of the Republic of China (1943 February) issued out of the No. twenty-fifth graduation certificate, while riding a suture affixed with the seal of the Education Department of Sichuan Province, seal. This certificate is the master Liu Jingxian of Shuangliu County students, Sichuan Province in February 1943 was awarded the Xinjin county junior high school junior high school graduation certificate. On the certificate: graduation certificate, student Liu Jingxian, the Department of Shuangliu County in Sichuan Province, aged fourteen, in the thirty-two year of the Republic of China (1943 January) in the female two class at the end of the school, after graduation exam, passing grades, graduation granted this certificate. Inscribed handwritten signature of Xinjin county junior high school principal Cai Dongting. The above are respectively covered by the school and the principal square embossed seal seal. A 1 inch black and white photos of Liu Jingxian on the standard graduation certificate, then Liu Jingxian is only 14 years of age have a positive, marriageable age, black short hair, wearing a white student dress, chest tied tie, which is very fashionable at the time. At the top of the photo is also dedicated to leave a small box, the box printed with the "paste printing department" four words. Pity take相关的主题文章:

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