The Qingyuan men’s fraud 15 years over a hundred million yuan gambling funds Lianduanlie jailed dingxiangwuyuetian

The Qingyuan men’s fund-raising fraud over a hundred million yuan gambling money strand breaks jailed for 15 years in Qingyuan Guangzhou daily news (reporter Cao Jing     correspondent Hou Zhaoxing) Qingyuan District Court yesterday issued a fresh, the defendant and the credit cooperatives individual staff collusion, to help farmers to earn rural loans "toll" as bait, take short-term borrowing from other people and the promise of high interest. Just two years he was raising billions of dollars, because gambling leads to about 20000000 yuan can not be returned. Recently, the Qingyuan District People’s court to raise funds to defraud the defendant sentenced to 15 years in prison, and fined $500 thousand. Illegal toll to make quick money at the beginning of 2013, Chen Jian accidentally returned to help farmers agriculture loan fee can earn quick money, then took the village’s brother and by its investment banking business across the bridge in the "hundreds of thousands of yuan". In the meantime, Chen Jian and credit cooperatives individual staff collusion, if farmers can not be returned by the loan, credit staff to contact Chen Moujian and Chen Moujian replaced by farmers, and farmers continue to loan repayment, the principal and the so-called "toll" a few percentage points of return of Chen jian. Earn a toll, Chen Jian within half a year profit of more than ten million yuan. To raise money to rob Peter to pay Paul continue to have more farmers to find Chen Moujian for "bridge bank business", in order to expand investment, Chen Jian have found other people to inject themselves, short-term (ranging from a few days to several months) and the promise of high interest loan. Later, Chen Jian to constantly obsessed with gambling, losing money. He took to other investors and borrowers in Macao continue to gamble in order to quickly return the results, more gambling more to lose, a debt snowball is rolled into the tens of millions of dollars. Capital chain rupture voluntarily surrender in May 11, 2015, in the debt crisis of Chen Moujian surrendered the initiative to the Qingyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau fresh branch. Prosecutors on June this year, the prosecution to the court. Trial, Chen Jian overall recognition of the prosecutor’s allegations. After the court of audit, Chen Jian to a total of 15 victims of funds totaling 110834663.5 yuan, in addition to the return of part of the principal and interest payments, proceeds mainly for Chen Jian individual gambling, resulting in the loss of 24617983.5 yuan. The court held that the defendant Chen Jian for the purpose of illegal possession, illegal fund-raising by means of fraud, a huge amount, his behavior constituted the crime of fraud, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. Although there is a plot, but given the amount of fraud more than 20 million yuan, the trial said the compensation ability, which surrendered themselves enough to offset its bad crimes, so the decision will not be given a lighter punishment on it. After the judgment, the defendant does not appeal, procuratorate protest, the decision has taken effect.相关的主题文章:

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