The Jiangxi team into the twenty-fifth session of the China Cup football semi-finals

The Jiangxi team into the twenty-fifth session of the "China Cup" football semi-finals Nanchang News Network on September 19th, by the State Sports General Administration of sports management center, Chinese Football Association hosted the 2016 national twenty-fifth China Cup group A (group of more than 55 years old) football in Hubei opened the curtain of Shiyan Automobile City, Jiujiang old football team for the team in Jiangxi team three matches, with the first team in the semi-finals of the record. In the game, the Jiangxi team group phase opener 2:0 victory over the Shaanxi team, Foshan team beat Guangdong 2:1 war. In the group phase in the final battle, with 2 wins out of 2 teams in Shanxi, the two sides drew 0:0, the team under pressure and fatigue, carry forward the tenacious struggle, never give up the spirit of sports, showing superb sports skills and indomitable will, eventually defeated Shanxi 6:5 on penalties. It is understood that the Chinese Cup football tournament held once a year, is the highest level in the elderly football enthusiasts. Competition set A group (more than 55 years of age), B group (over the age of 50), C group (more than 45 years of age), D group (more than 40 years of age) in the group, most of the players for the retired national football team or the provincial football team players. (Yu Yunliang reporter Xiao Fang)相关的主题文章:

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