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The houses tenants wear pajamas to escape fire. Suspected cause of electric vehicle charging – Fujian channel — original title: houses tenants wearing pajamas to escape fire. Suspected cause of electric vehicle charging firefighters are fighting. Zhuanmujiegou house burst fire, spread rapidly under the action of the wind, the tenant woke up the escape. 5 pm yesterday, the Taijiang district a lane fire, the fire department emergency rescue, causing no casualties. Currently, the cause of the fire is under further investigation. Yesterday morning at 7, the reporter came to the scene. At that time, many fire trucks parked on the road. By the way the line turned into a lane about 50 meters, the fire department is cordoned off at both ends. Reporters saw the scene basically not open, but there are still a large number of white smoke choking out. Here is a piece of houses clustered area, mostly Zhuanmujiegou, are close to each other, the vehicle can not enter. Part of the fire wall collapsed, charred beams spread all across in confusion lay in ruins. The side of the affected housing a large number of glass burst, adjacent fire doors on fire. A couple of women in their pajamas holding a child stood outside the cordon. They said that the incident was too sudden, just to escape, the basic did not transfer any property, heavy losses. "Later, we may not be able to run out." A woman said that there are a large number of migrant workers rented, about 5 in the morning, she suddenly heard the noise came from the outside, someone shouted "fire". She opened the door, outside the corridor has been full of fire, from Front Gate cannot escape, only through some tenants room on, flung open the doors from the rear to escape. At the scene of the clutter, the reporter saw 2 a blackened gas tank is transferred out of the. Because this piece of houses without gas area, tenants can only use bottled gas for cooking, in the fire part of the liquefied gas tank explosion sound, tenants have scared. Houses are together, the fire spread so quickly, there are people trying to put out the fire, but the fire is too large, can only be evacuated." Tenants Liu said. I heard that electric vehicle charging caused a fire." Have affected households said that the fire house is located in the alley side, rental of a sell Stir-Fried Noodles with Vegetables vendors. Allegedly, yesterday morning outside vendors stall, others find the fire, the fire is difficult to control. But there are also people said that the fire and no one to live in the house, but the house really parked an electric tricycle. Reporters learned that yesterday, the fire department dispatched more than and 20 fire engines, more than 100 fire officers and soldiers involved in the fire, the local streets, the community also sent staff to fight fire, fortunately, no casualties. (chief reporter Xu Qiangwen Shi Meixiang photo) (commissioning editor Chen Chuchu and Wu Zhou)相关的主题文章:

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