The first season of new song curtain call! Wang Feng Jiang Dunhao won the shock troopers clonecd

The first season of "new song" curtain call! Wang Feng Jiang Dunhao Jiang Tun ho team upset win crown according to JINGWAH Times reported that the evening of October 7th, the first quarter of the new song "Chinese" finals in Zhejiang satellite TV and Youku ended, to Wang Chenrui, Jiang Dunhao, Yang, Xu Geyang, Li Peiling and Yang Meina six players after three rounds of fierce competition, the result beyond all expectations. Before generally considered favourites to the ocean, Wang Chenrui sacked all, without striking Jiang Dunhao dark horse out, to win the Champions league. This is the first time since Wang Feng as a mentor to bring out the championship. To help Jay Chou tutor Yang Xiangyang "shuangjiegun" eye-catching finals last night in three rounds of competition, the four mentors and their students were singing a song, and then by the six students completed their personal show, the audience voted by two students become the champion candidates. The last two Champions candidate of their interpretation of a song by the audience and 81 professional judges decide the championship final. The first round of tutor help play, Jay Chou once again chose his two songs from the interpretation of the ocean. Choral repertoire "shuangjiegun" and before long rap rash and too much in haste, do make snap adaptations, first joined to the ocean at the harmonica SOLO as the opening, and then let the ocean "in the interlude to the harmonica with flying Bbox", this to the ocean is not a small challenge. In addition to the ventriloquist, also for the first time try to ocean rap, although not much, but still have a kind of mold. And other students accustomed to stand on the stage to sing different, to the interpretation of the ocean, the first double cut stick, and mentor Jay Chou together show a Scotland dance, very eye-catching. Jay Chou is very satisfied with his disciples: "a very energetic young, very hard, very kind, very polite, I have a lot of friends around him like him." Xu Geyang’s main show Jiang Dunhao the dark horse out of surprise the audience in personal show links to ocean deduction of Jay Chou’s classic ballad "longest movie", this version is more fit to the western music background, into the R& B style. At the concert, behind the big screen constantly flashed "Roman holiday" "Titanic" and other classic love movie screen, playing the nostalgia card, the audience response is very good, to the number of votes the ocean has maintained a leading advantage. In contrast, Na Ying Wang Chenrui’s remarkable performance. By virtue of the Cantonese song absolute control, Wang Chenrui break all the way, finally stood in the nest on the stage, soulful interpretation of Leslie Cheung’s classical songs "current situation". When Wang Chenrui sang "current situation, again add fresh", many people think that the young brother Leslie Cheung. Wang Chenrui hopes he can make the nest can be a song for the Cantonese song". In order to cope with this song, the program group specially arranged a warm room on the stage. Under the dim light, Wang Chenrui sat quietly at the vintage green sofa, a cavity "in love" meanders, on the grounds of black lace dress more Wang Chenrui voice adds a lot of gentle color. End of a song, Leslie Cheung’s face appeared on the big screen, Youku users commented, when you see Leslie Cheung cry". The last appearance of Jiang Dunhao made full of unexpected results. From"相关的主题文章:

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