The departure! New century Gospel warrior new cooperative projects announced vstart

The departure! "Evangelion" new cooperative planning said that although Ano Hidea had released due to busy doing "new Godzilla", many fans do not know when to see "Evangelion" game. But this series of influence is beyond doubt, and officials are constantly introduced various cooperation projects. Recently, the official announced: from October 17th will start with JR West Japan cooperation, launched the "we ride EVA" activities. This activity will continue until March 31st next year, the event will be called "500 TYPE EVA" train, the carriage will broadcast the voice of Akira Ishida kaworu Nagisa recording broadcast. In addition as a bonus, the passengers can get a tourist card. In January 9th next year before the new Osaka station, Osaka station, Okayama station, Hiroshima station, Bodo station will be to work together, called "TYPE EVA Cafe 500 seal collection activities", the official also released a poster. It is understood that as long as they can collect the corresponding seal, you can get a series of interesting prizes, interested friends can try. But in this regard, a lot of Japanese friends Tucao, said: "all day long on this very boring thing……" "So the new work? Can you come out in March 31, 2017?" "To cheat the dead house money again……" And on the new century Gospel warrior, this work more dynamic, Tencent animation will continue to focus on. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章:

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