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The court things had become Puyi media hype topic "the emperor" Beijing "thoroughly discredited – you don’t know his" Author: Jia Yinghua "people’s Literature Publishing House published in June 2016 the last emperor Puyi as everyone knows the context of life, but many details have been submerged in history. What are the stories behind PuYi’s life? Which stories are closer to the historical truth? The expert Jia Yinghua took thirty years to interview more than and 300 people around Pu Yi, Han people know mining Puyi life behind the story, reveals the late Qing Dynasty palace unheard of historical details in the book for the first time disclosure of many precious photos and artifacts, let you see another point of puyi." Puyi court things, became a major media hype topic, brought "the emperor" thoroughly discredited until the end, making a divorce wenxiu. In fact, the reason why the final divorce Wenxiu, and a woman named Yu Fen about. If this is the president of the Republic of China, Yu Fen Feng Guozhang’s grandson daughter-in-law, reportedly with embroider is stained with a point distant. Because sister Wen Shan and Yu Fen Wenxiu relationship with each other very familiar, and often to comfort sister Wen Shan wenxiu. In a chat with each other, Wenxiu could not hold, to tell the truth the sister marriage ":" I married nine years, have never been in bed with now with Puyi, eat different tables, and little pocket money. In my opinion, he simply regarded me as no……" After listening to Naples Wen Shan said, just started. She said angrily: now is not the emperor’s time, has become a republic. In the Republic of China, liberty, equality and rule of law. Then, in August 1931 she planned and Wen Shan and instigation, the occurrence of a sensation at home and abroad, the imperial concubine divorce case in Tianjin, it was known as "the princess of revolution". In fact, previously was not talking with Puyi wenxiu. One day in August 1931, Wenxiu sister Wen Shan sister excuse bad mood, want to take her out of town. PuYi could not refuse, so he sent a personal eunuch with the sisters drove out of the park. However, after three people came to the National Hotel, Wenxiu was uncharacteristically turned to the eunuch said: "you go back, with Puyi said I don’t go back, with his court……" At this time, no longer say Wenxiu "the emperor", but the name. It is said that after the first report mistakenly heard the eunuch Puyi, Wenxiu purely blind noise. "Talk" two characters, is converted from the Manchu sentence of Beijing dialect. Meaning is the shrew, later evolved into the meaning and bluffing bluff. Because Wen Shan had made careful arrangements, Wenxiu went into the house and saw three lawyers, Zhang Wenjun, Zhang Shaoceng and other lawyers. Lai Yufen has previously made careful arrangements, Wenxiu met with the three lawyers, the purpose is to discuss with Pu Yi divorce procedure. In fact, if a careful inquiry, the original Wenxiu not directly filed for divorce, said, first by the lawyer to PuYi clearly put forward two requirements, it is a treat, PuYi two wife, legal status should be equal, equally. He must live apart with Wanrong, and monthly to Wenxiu)相关的主题文章:

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