The controversy of the Olympic boxing this time really can do. winbook

The controversy of the Olympic boxing this time really can do boxing referee controversy. (picture) International Boxing Federation (AIBA) announced the day before, to participate in the Olympic Games in Rio 36 judges and law enforcement officials were suspended, the International Boxing Association will organize the special investigation committee, they carried out a thorough investigation in the presence of the Rio Olympics the problem. For this, our Province Boxing legend Wang Jue and Yu Zhimin said yesterday that the future can be to reform the existing system of boxing rules, so as to further enhance the transparency of events. Adjudication of disputes continue to fight any sort of items, there will inevitably be controversial. Boxing matches in the past several Olympic Games have been controversial penalty. However, in the Rio Olympic Games, boxing controversy. For example, in China player Lv Bin and Kenya veteran Varey in the game, although Lv Bin is considered an advantage, but at the end of three judges in two people sentenced to Varey. After the game, Lv Bin said on micro-blog, the referee stole my dream". In the men’s lightweight competition, Honduras contestant Lopez was sentenced to 0 to 3 lost to France’s Omega, this result was brought the audience booed, Lopez cried and said that his dream was deprived of. At first, the face of the doubts, the International Boxing Association did not take measures, but as more and more controversial penalty, AIBA canceled 6 controversial referee law enforcement qualification, and the suspension of the International Boxing Association as secretary general. A few days ago, the International Boxing Association announced to participate in the Olympic Games in Rio 36 judges and law enforcement officials were suspended, because did not announce the investigation period, so that the referee is equivalent to being suspended indefinitely. For this investigation, the International Boxing Association chairman Wu Jingguo said: boxing is open and transparent competition in the spotlight, but occasionally there will be some mistakes. Wu Jingguo said, the International Boxing Association attaches great importance to the investigation, he even to the Rio Olympics as a watershed in the development of the International Boxing Association, the survey results will determine whether the sport of boxing can move forward in a positive and healthy way". Look for the reform of boxing boxing association secretary long Wang Jue has judge at the Beijing Olympic Games, world championships and other major events, the province is only an international three-star referee. In the country, including Wang Jue, including only five international three-star referee. For this, Wang Jue said the impact is certainly positive. "International boxing has been in the governance problems, through this regulation, I think it will be great results." Wang Jue said that the fight against the inevitable classification of the project, the referee’s business ability as well as the point of view, the understanding of the rules affect the outcome of the penalty. Now in the big game against the strength of the two sides are closer, to make the most accurate penalty in a very short time, which requires a high referee, that is to say the referee to be very professional. They must always concentrate on the game, can not have the slightest slack." Wang Jue also mentioned that some sports teams and athletes sometimes because of the rules do not understand, the subjective judgment that there is a miscarriage of justice. For the international boxing referee team a remediation, Secretary of the Xi’an Boxing Association, Xi’an Qin Shi Long boxing club general manager Yu Zhimin think this is the international boxing "punch", "we"相关的主题文章:

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