Tencent across the Taiwan Strait to create space in Fuzhou barcarolle

Tencent across the Taiwan Strait to create a space to settle in Fuzhou 18, Tencent global partner conference press conference cum Strait public space signing ceremony held in Fuzhou. Reporters learned from the meeting, the Tencent (the public record space on both sides of the Strait · Fuzhou) will open in September 21st. Conference, the Fuzhou municipal government signed an agreement with Tencent Inc. According to the agreement, the two sides of the Fuzhou Straits multi-creation space landing Fuzhou Taijiang Aofong square, an area of over 10000 square meters, in order to promote the local management process, radiation Taiwan and overseas entrepreneurs. The first phase of the project will cover the game of life, VR AR field, five years and strive to support quality of 20 projects, 40 projects incubator -60 industrial chain, the output value will reach 10 billion yuan, become Fujian’s largest TMT incubator. At the same time, cross-strait space will also enjoy the public record in Fuzhou City, especially for the Taiwan project issued by the registered capital of the "zero Shoufu", the youth entrepreneurship loans and other preferential policies, make full use of the geographical advantages of Fuzhou and Tencent overseas open platform resources, undertake to provide the most suitable soil for Taiwan’s leading integrated circuit, education, the new media industry. In addition, in order to open · sharing "as the theme of the 2016 Tencent Worldwide Partner Conference will be in September 22nd – 24 in Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center, all guests will work together to explore" Internet plus "era of innovation and industrial development. (intern reporter Duan Jinzhu) (Fujian daily) >相关的主题文章:

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