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Sichuan college entrance exam is returned in response to the relevant responsible person will be accountable to the Beijing news news today (23) afternoon, Sichuan Pingchang County college entrance exam for "identity information filing error" responded that, the identity information is not strict to the units and persons responsible for accountability. At present, the candidates have been admitted involved provincial accounting major of Chengdu University of Technology. Earlier reports: County champion to be admitted to a key university and tuidang: household registration error Beijing News reported earlier, before the college entrance examination this year, Sichuan candidates Jia Yongyu Pingchang, a total of 596 points, to become champion of the County Arts, due to its reporting for students in poor areas special enrollment plan, the college entrance examination scores are 10 points, then the line of Zhongshan University (fractional line professional settings, admission). Since then, the local admissions Department has said that due to its household registration in Quxian County, Pingchang should not occupy the orientation of the quota, so points invalid. In the end, after receiving the admission notice and tuidang. In an interview with the Beijing News reporter, Pingchang County police admitted that due to the household registration error". Eventually, missed the admission of undergraduate batches Jia Yongyu, in the local admissions department coordination, was admitted to Chengdu University of Technology. Pingchang County, said in response, in August 11th this year, the local admissions office on the three specific free college admission candidates qualification review self-examination, found by national special program was admitted to Zhongshan University’s Jia Yongyu candidates, although the Pingchang high school for three consecutive years, but the household registration department of Sichuan Quxian County, does not meet the national special plan for conditions. Since then, the admissions office will notify the candidates themselves, and in accordance with the relevant provisions and procedures for the cancellation of the candidates admitted to Zhongshan University, the situation is true. Admissions office on August 14 to report to the higher authorities, for the candidates to learn about the university. At the same time, the identity of the candidates to review the information is not strictly controlled units and related responsible personnel to investigate.   original title: Pingchang’s response to the college entrance exam was tuidang ": responsible person responsibility editor: Wang Beckham    相关的主题文章:

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