Shaanxi is now the kill son. the 76 year old father hunt for seventeen years

Shaanxi is now the "kill son." the 76 year old father of "Xing" seventeen years old recently, 76 year old Liu Jingshu reported: seventeen years ago, there is a fantastic murder case in Shaanxi Pucheng, the victim is his son Liu winter being with blunt sickle and death in early 1999, but the suspect still loose. "Reasonable motive, complete chain of evidence, why the" That’s final. "became" in suspense "? Is it just because there is no blood a spade?" Liu Jingshu for more than ten years has been to the local justice. Don’t be third up kill heart Pucheng County three Xiang Xi Cao village Liu Jingshu this year 76 years old, but he should enjoy the happiness of a family union more than and 10 years have not had a good sleep, his son’s death has been a cross in the hearts of the elderly. "My son was hurt, I’m a lot older, I hope I can catch the murderer before I go……. I admit it, but it does not catch." Liu said in the "people", Li Guofeng is killed his son Liu Dongzhi suspect, I learned that Li Guofeng and Liu Dongzhi at the age of 56, are three Xiang Xi Cao village, in the early years, Li Guofeng’s wife died, Lee West Cao Village brigade secretary, long one at home, after a chance, Lee and the victim Liu Dongzhi the wife of Chen a lover, at a later time, Li Chen two people have maintained their improper relationship. According to Lee explained, in order to occupy a certain number of Moumou, two people together to kill Liu winter solstice. The evening of April 8, 1999, after Li Liu two people five times a day to meet with Lee from 360#, to find their own knife adjustable wrench, according to the address provided before Chen Moumou, Liu light from the neighbor over the wall in an orchard in the plots. Li confession confession, when the victim is a sleep, Lee approached, using a sickle, and hit the victim with a spade head. And then go home, cleaning tools, in the heard out when pouring water, and returned home, took the knife violence again, will use tools, shoes thrown to the power plant waste water. The abrupt decision not to prosecute for April 9th, suspected of intentional homicide by the Pucheng County Public Security Bureau Residential surveillance. At the same time, Lee on the murder plot, confessed the details. I learned that Pucheng County Public Security Bureau at the second, 8 point blockade site, had no access to the site, site investigation transcripts, consistent with the account of Li corpse investigation. September 6th, Lee was under criminal detention. This case appears to be That’s final. But what happened to big change in 2003. In July 18th of that year, Li Guofeng criminal detention bail, the same year in October 25th, approved by the Weinan Municipal People’s Procuratorate arrested and detained in Pucheng County Detention center. July 14, 2004, the Weinan Municipal People’s Procuratorate made its decision not to prosecute. In Weihe v. [2003]07, seized the punishment not written, after examination: was not to prosecute Li Guofeng and fellow villagers Liu Dongzhi’s wife Chen Moumou after long-term adultery, in order to achieve the purpose of living together, then kill the evil Liu of the winter solstice. The early morning of April 8, 1999, Li Guofeng took advantage of the winter solstice Liu 1 people at the opera cast.相关的主题文章:

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