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SG: British pounds held back in Europe before the referendum material continued to fall Huitong network February 22nd News – Monday (February 22nd) Asian market trading, the British pound against the U.S. dollar rose slightly after the bottom rebound, currently trading at 1.4293 line. SocGen said that Britain’s withdrawal from the EU referendum in the next 124 days will attract media attention. Polls show a slightly higher rate of backing out of the EU, but a large number of voters with "reservations" will decide the end result. Bookmakers are still inclined to stay in Britain for the s eu. Specific views are as follows. Britain’s departure from the EU may make some people happier, but it will undoubtedly drag down economic growth. Drag on the economy to be greatly discussed openly, but SG British chief economist Blaine Hilliard (Brian Hilliard) data released last year showed that "England back in Europe every year will drag on the British economic growth slowed 50%, dragged down the euro zone’s economic growth slowed to 25%. In short, whether or not the British withdraw from the EU referendum be held before the pound material continued to fall, the market due to the controversy heated up, and the uncertainty and loss of market confidence. It is not assumed that the polls will be able to fluctuate substantially before the June 23rd referendum, to determine whether Britain will withdraw from the EU or not. In this process, is expected to start from now on, the pound against the dollar under the broken 1.40, broken 0.80, the status of the euro against the pound, at any time may also occur. Once Britain retreats from Europe, the pound is close to 1.30 below the dollar. At 10:05 in Beijing, the pound was 1.427880 against the dollar. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

法兴:英国退欧公投举行前 英镑料续跌   汇通网2月22日讯――周一(2月22日)亚市盘中,英镑兑美元小幅上扬后探底回升,目前交投于1.4293一线。   法国兴业银行(SocGen)表示,未来124天英国退出欧盟公投将吸引媒体注意力。民调显示“退出欧盟”的支持率略高,不过大量“持保留意见”的选民将决定最终的结果。博彩商们仍倾向于英国留在s欧盟。具体观点如下。   英国脱离欧盟可能令部分人感到更开心,但毫无疑问将拖累经济增长。对经济的拖累幅度有待公开讨论,但法兴英国首席经济学家布莱恩・希利亚德(Brian Hilliard)去年发布的数据显示,“英国退欧”将每年拖累英国经济增长放缓50%,拖累欧元区经济增长放缓25%。   总而言之,英国退出欧盟与否公投举行前,英镑料续跌,因市场对此的争论达到白热化,且其不确定性损及市场信心。并不认为在6月23日公投举行前,民调将能大幅波动,足以确定英国退出欧盟与否。   在这个过程中,预计从现在开始,英镑兑美元下破1.40,以及欧元兑英镑上破0.80的状况,都随时有可能同时发生。一旦“英国退欧”,英镑兑美元将至少跌至1.30下方。   北京时间10:05,英镑兑美元1.4278 80。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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