Qiao Renliang’s serene as sleeping father we don’t blame you (video) aptana studio

Qiao Renliang’s serene as sleeping father: we don’t blame you for Qiao Renliang Memorial Qiao Renliang (information) Tencent (Tencent entertainment entertainment news text report group) in September 22nd, Qiao Renliang memorial service will be held at the Shanghai funeral home in Longhua. In order to bid farewell to the idol, nearly a thousand fans had a late start off overnight in the queue, the memorial service, a field inside and outside the fans cry. Qiao Renliang’s friends Joe Chen, Zhao Liying, Li Yifeng, Jing Bairan, Zhang Chao, Chen Zeyu, and other artists Joker low-key scene. Father Qiao Renliang choked word of thanks, as a representative of Mr Zhu Zhen friends. Qiao Renliang calm, as if just asleep at six pm, before a late start all through the night at the funeral home fans had lined up, they wear black uniform, holding a white hand. And yesterday, there are many fans from all around the world spontaneously came to the memorial service will be held, as he offered pink flowers. Outside the funeral home, there are many flowers on the ground. Inside and outside the hall loop his song "we are not bad," "together", a lot of fans in the queue already could not stop the tears, "always sing this cycle, really can not stand, heart like a knife." A Joker dressed in black Joe Chen appeared to be helped out Zhao Liying low-key appearance at around 7, with Qiao Renliang’s circle of friends went to the funeral home, to send friends finally. Joker appeared when the eyes are red, Li Xiangxiang, Zhang Chao, Wu Jian Fei and other players are starting to show up a good man. The same all black dress Zhao Liying ride black concealed conceal gaunt. Joe Chen arrived in Shanghai early this morning, at a later Memorial wept tears, by the help of the staff to leave. The farewell ceremony began at half past nine in the morning, in front of reporters into the hall farewell Qiao Renliang, with the pink rose hall layout, "you are waiting for me in my gentle quietly waiting for your love", black and white hanging in the hall on both sides of the middle of the couplet, the banner read "Kimi Qiao Renliang all the way". While lying in the pink flowers in Qiao Renliang slicked back head, wearing a white shirt, black trousers and black shoes, black rose pattern shirt. Face calm, as if just sleeping. In the face of their grief but all restraint, with love for Qiao Renliang farewell to his last journey. Qiao Renliang’s father: we don’t blame you, hope all human understanding of his helpless farewell ceremony, Qiao Renliang’s good friend, the famous host Zhu Zhen looked haggard, with a hoarse voice introduced the life of Qiao Renliang, recalling its debut performing experience and achievements. Fans represent later said in love nine years for Qiao Renliang fans heart, he is a confident good sunshine boy, "we spent seven years together, but did not wait for about ten years, we have to lose such a good idol and sad, thank you came to this world, love you people will remember you forever. He did not leave, forever in our hearts, "from then on, heaven has more than a singer to sing, and Qiao Renliang is still the 28 year old boy." Father Qiao Renliang on behalf of the family at the memorial to Qiao Renliang farewell and word of thanks. He several times in his speech during the sobs, in his speech, Qiao Renliang.相关的主题文章:

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