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People viewing group: "our ten years" starring Qiao Renliang Zhao Liying, entertainment channel — people viewing group: "our ten years" Zhao Liying starring Qiao Renliang source: – entertainment channel     09 2016 02 August 11:03 September 2 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Jiang Bo September 2nd), by Ma Weihao served as general director, Liu served as director, Zhao Liying, Qiao Renliang, Wu Yingjie, starring Ban Jiajia, Fan Yichen, Feng Mingchao starring youth nostalgia movie "our ten years" shocked fans in time and again in the release. The film is a perfect show of the real youth of the general public, whether it is plot settings or details are in place. This fall the most warm heart of youth movies in the film with the September file, "our ten years" youth nostalgia has become an independent school. The film directed by Hongkong director Ma Weihao, he had written "lioness’s roar", "Xinzashimei", "subway" and other well-known works, good story and youth idol in life show together, let the audience with the protagonist of the situation and the ups and downs of happiness and sadness, showing a small but extraordinary small, beautiful effect, distinctive narrative style loved by the audience. The director Zhao Liying, Qiao Renliang, Wu Yingjie and other articles of popular idol co creation youth nostalgia movie "our ten year", the best combination is bound to have a strong chemical reaction. Handsome male god goddess beautiful big Yan control as a welfare to ten years of youth as the theme of the movie, "our ten years" Yan levels naturally become the focus of attention, in the male god goddess screen, the audience have flourishing beauty lick the screen. In the film, Zhao Liying attempted to short hair style, playing a "tomboy" to the lovely and lively, a pot of hot water with three "boyfriend force MAX", and between the students and the Green Goddess of workplace free switch, is amazing bend countless fans sister. Qiao Renliang’s campus handsome male God since Needless to say, the protection of students courageous move shows great charm of personality, made the audience collective stars eyes, to praise "the rogue is so handsome". In addition, Wu Yingjie gentle and beautiful temperament, Ban Jiajia lips glamorous stars shine, Fan Yichen mature bloody Feng Mingchao resolute, stylish chic tide full range of children, the stars gathered in the charm, there is always a hit your heart. The most practical workplace skills to teach the film’s main characters into the career development of the play is also very exciting, called the most practical workplace skills encyclopedia. First of all, regardless of will, the most important field, throw away the canvas in high-heeled, professional qualities of instant up, "at the age of 20 can’t eat heels bitter, at the age of 40 can’t spell their own life, such invaluable advice to keep in mind. In the stage of development, also has suffered framed coup, hiding in the corner crying will only make the other more arrogant arrogance, the film Zhao Liying took a confrontation, play a deterrent role. Finally, attitude determines altitude, difficulties do not complain about the negative energy bursting, the machine can not Tucao popular, keep optimistic attitude is the most important. [shadow homework] ask you to go with you friends相关的主题文章:

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