Parents Tucao nutritious meals with 100 yuan instead of stale food parents do not buy it norton disk doctor

Parents Tucao nutritious meals with 100 yuan instead of stale food parents do not buy it in rural compulsory education nutrition improvement program, this is a major Huimin project the CPC Central Committee and State Council, to improve the nutritional status of students, improve the health of children, but in the process of issuing specific, but by some parents tucao. What is this? Children’s nutrition meal as its name implies should be a child’s patent, in children during school for them with some nutritious food, the body must have the energy. This task is undertaken by education authorities and school head. However, some of the local children’s nutritious meals in the actual implementation process a little changed flavor". In the rural eastern area as an example, in the course of the past distribution of food, appeared "shrink" or deterioration of food problems, many leaders afraid to assume responsibility, so the distribution of food to pay cash, make the students feel free to buy, what to eat what to buy. Some rural schools in order to save, for a quarter of a hair. However, because the students are afraid of losing money, so the school quarterly to send money to parents, 100 yuan per quarter. If the money to students, 100 yuan can buy some food. But once sent to some poor parents hands, this 100 yuan is often used for other purposes, such as a family of "poverty relief funds". In addition, although the money is not much, parents have to personally lead. In the eastern part of the country where the author, for example, now the wages of migrant workers are high, and some can earn 200 yuan a day to $300. But in order to get the money, some parents had to leave home. Sometimes, 100 yuan is not lost. The money collection process is more complicated, so that parents are more difficult. According to my understanding, parents in accordance with the provisions of the time to come to school, but not necessarily be able to receive the money immediately. Because the money to sign it, some parents do not read only by fingerprints. The school, only a limited Indonesia class a class leader, take turns in indonesia. Some parents are waiting for a few hours, legs are numb, not Tucao strange! Also, in some places, nutritional food subsidies and poverty alleviation is not compatible. As far as I know, a lot of schools will be issued subsidies and poor children’s nutritional food subsidies. However, some school rules, took the children in poverty and poverty alleviation funds can’t lead a nutritious meal allowance, which caused some parents questioned: nutritious meals and poverty relief funds is not simply a matter! However, parents are not easy to ask, do not ask for money — this is a good thing, ask more, if to pinch? Nutritional meal subsidies or poor children to help the poor, is the party’s Huimin project. Why is it so bad to give money? I sincerely hope that the relevant departments to do a good job of system design, do not have these embarrassing questions.相关的主题文章:

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