Parents need to enforce the law on the safety of their children puritans pride

Parents of the child’s responsibility for the safety of the law requires parents to act without legal constraints, will not recognize their own dereliction of duty, which is not the fundamental reason for the effective improvement of parental safety awareness. September 19th, Sichuan, Xuanhan tragedy. A pair of old couple will be left at home because of the keys, the rope tied to the 11 year old grandson who, from the second floor, hanging down the four floor home. Unfortunately, in the hoisting process, the rope suddenly broken, the child falls to death. Ask the cause of this tragedy, the grandpa and grandma to blame. Without the key, you can find friends and relatives holding the key, you can also find a lock company, however, the old couple chose the most dangerous way. The old couple don’t love their grandchildren? I don’t know the answer. What they have done, however, has made it clear that they are not competent enough. Not only the old couple. Many parents who think they care enough for their children are not doing their best to protect their children’s personal safety. In daily life, many of the threats to children’s safety behavior comes from parents. Many parents love children will be lifted up, tossed, and vigorously rotation, so as to express intimacy. However, little is known about this, let baby bear greater force behavior, is likely to cause dislocation, and even to the nervous system, visceral damage. For older children, many parents lack the same sense of security. Many parents believe that primary school children alone at home, no big deal. However, because of the children at home alone lead to tragedy — not be too numerous to enumerate the fire caused by accidentally swallowed items cause suffocation, because naughty jumped from the window, eating cockroach medicine, poison. Children’s mental immaturity is difficult to distinguish the behavior of safety, no adults in the next, to put himself in danger. Even if the probability of an accident is only one in ten, once encountered, it is one hundred percent of the tragedy. One after another, the lessons of blood, and constantly warned the parents. The law is not perfect, who is one of the important reasons of the poor safety awareness of parents. Although our country as early as in 1991 promulgated the "law on the protection of minors", but in the protection of the family, the method is simple and vague, no "parents should not be specified in children at risk". There is no legal restraint on the behavior of parents, and will not recognize their own dereliction of duty, which is the root cause of the lack of effective parental safety awareness. In the legal system of developed countries, the parents of the child’s improper protection, will be severely punished. Anyone who finds a minor around him is in danger and can report to the police. The police after the police side will be the protection of minors, while the parents were investigated. Once parents have proven dereliction of duty, light is instructed with the penalty, while being deprived of custody. Such as throwing babies, leaving children alone at home in such a thing, in the United States will be identified as illegal parents. If, like Sichuan, Xuanhan, as an example, due to dereliction of duty resulting in minor deaths or serious injuries, the United States parents face criminal prosecution. In June last year, an American parents for children left in the car, causing children suffocated with manslaughter prosecution. Chinese parents because of the.相关的主题文章:

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