Pakistan Intelligence the Vitoria League consecutive defeat the relegation situation is grim

Pakistan Intelligence: the Vitoria League consecutive defeat the relegation situation is grim Friday 024         Pakistan     VS   Vitoria Fluminense     2016-10-29; 05:30       stadium: Maracana stadium, Rio De Janeiro weather: 23° a 33 round of rain Pakistan, Fluminense home court against Vitoria. Fruminen Jose round Pakistan away 1 to 1 draw with Corey’s Ba, avoid the fourth, zhanba 32 plot 47 points ranked ninth. This weekend, Fluminense came home court against promoted Vitoria, the other 35 points ranked seventeenth. This season the Pakistan first round fights, Fluminense away 0 0 draw with Vitoria, and recently met 5 times, 0 wins 2 flat 3 Fluminense actually negative at a disadvantage, even home court have 2 consecutive defeat to Vitoria. In addition, the recent 2 League home court, have lost St Paul and Flamengo Fluminense, now home court in Vitoria, Fluminense can not be broken again after Vitoria, the state is very poor. What’s more, Fluminense at present no injury, the main attack should ensure the unbeaten. Vitoria on the 0 round of home court losing more than 1 Cruzeiro, League consecutive defeat, ranking fell to seventeenth place, avoid relegation pressure suddenly increased. This weekend, Vitoria at the same situation of poor Fruminen Jose, the overall strength of Vitoria, just a little bit worse. In addition, this season, the first 16 places away, Vitoria, a total of 3 wins, 4 draws and 9 negative to take the performance of the general score of 13. However, in the 2013 and the second quarter of the season, Vitoria has been to a ratio of 3 to 2 and a score of 2 to away from Fruminen Jose, and now continue to visit, there is no psychological disadvantage. However, the battle of Vitoria is facing a serious employment crisis, defender Maicon, striker injured midfielder Villison, Hugh marinho, striker Eduardo suspended, defender Josue, defender Matisse, midfielder Dominguez is doubtful, only good defender Kanu and midfielder Marcello lifted back. Nearly 10 times the two teams clash, Fluminense 3 wins 4 flat 3 negative, into 17 ball, lost 15 ball split 6 times against Vitoria recently Fluminense home court record of 4 wins 0 flat 2 negative, into 12 ball, lost 7 ball in hand. (Nazario)相关的主题文章:

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