Now welcome return peak Xiamen import traffic or an increase of 60% to 80%

Now welcome return peak Xiamen import traffic or an increase of 60% to 80% today Xiamen import traffic than usual increase to 80% or 60% morning news reporter Chen Xiaobin with the National Day Golden Week this year near the end, traffic has become a hot topic of public concern. To remind, this afternoon, Xiamen will usher in the return peak, today 24 points after the highway will resume normal charging. Therefore, the proposed driving people to avoid it. Today afternoon welcome return peak according to the forecast, the traffic police department this afternoon, the Xiamen area will usher in the return peak, traffic will increase significantly, have an adverse impact on road traffic safety and smooth. Among them, according to the Xiamen high speed traffic police forecast, today’s traffic in or out of the district than usual increase of 60% to 80%, about 200 thousand, the highest possible breakthrough of 220 thousand. According to past experience, today the return peak, Xiangan, Xiamen, Kyorin toll gate or will usher in large traffic, if the proposal is from Quanzhou to Xiamen. The driver can Tongan, Xiamen port, this may be faster; if it is from Longyan to Xiamen, Guangzhou direction, can go Haicang Xiamen Xikou, or Xiazhang bridge, avoid stuck in charge near the mouth. In addition, this afternoon, "a tunnel four bridges, and success Xianyueshan elevated road, Jiahe road and other roads, will also usher in the return peak, the larger traffic or traffic queues will lead to amble. Therefore, the proposed driving people to avoid it, try to avoid the peak period of return. 24 points to restore the toll of this year’s National Day Golden Week Highway 7 and below the small bus free access to welfare, will also be at the end of today, after the gate, the resumption of normal charges 24. If the owners today after 24 out of highway, you’ll have to pay a certain fee. How can we save money without speeding? When you are expected today before 24 to leave the highway, then you can before 24, down from the nearest highway toll station, and then re. If you do so, even if you are at the end of today’s 24 points from the target toll station on the highway, it is necessary to pay the cost of the road back that way. Drivers should also pay attention to a little, that is, after 20 today, when you enter the toll station, the staff will give you a paper card. If you leave the motorway in today before 24, this card is invalid; if more than 24 points today to leave the highway, you pay the cost of the card is the basis of the highway traffic. So, you don’t lose this card. S6A07009 (Haixi morning news (micro-blog))相关的主题文章:

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