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No regrets, victory, Huang Xiaoming Entertainment – Sohu Chen Yufan, Hu Haiquan on the same stage entertainment news from Sohu "individual" to "focus group" pioneer writing programs of the variety growth, from the "release of nature" to "strengthen cooperation", which is one of the development trend of the 2016 China variety show broadcast season. Coincides with the Oriental TV joint Beijing culture to create a joint! Girl "ending hit, see the" gas "series screen shine again, people can not help but look back to the past. A dozen years ago with "Super Girls", "come on! The birth of a good man "and a series of grassroots programs, as an important force on the TV screen, caused a national sensation of onlookers. Ten years later, after a series of star over consumption, TV screen for our forces once again ready for. This time, the television needs the spirit of the shallow entertainment, and the audience needs to let the dream into the reality of the real power!     "refueling! Beauty girl in the positioning of the large original girl portfolio inspirational growth program, in the Chinese variety gradually into the context of advanced entertainment, "refueling! Beauty girl, whether in appearance, temperament, or the kernel has made a leap forward, showing a TV growth program, "no regrets youth". The German word: adults to success in Germany, people of the root and the behavior of the. "Ability" is the embodiment of the ability, "de" is a kind of life attitude and great wisdom, is the foundation and premise of life. As the saying goes: to cultivate their persons, the first is the heart…… Know the order, then cut. Refueling! The beautiful young girl "from 54 different styles of beautiful girl students together to learn experience, in the face of such a huge group of a TV program form, focusing first students virtue, do not attract the attention of the low-level conflicts, nor fight at outrance fierce competition. In the program, in addition to the ability of students to show, more importantly, the students in the process of mutual promotion and mutual support and encouragement, help and care. Refueling! Girl "pay attention to the students personality, to the creation of TV shows social responsibility will emphasize the virtues of the students ability to change thick and heavy in colours, only the same program for a single presentation, tell the audience good moral character is also a bright halo. Refueling! Beautiful girl than adults, "stressed the important character is more important than ability, for our similar TV programs creation and idol groups form created a good paradigm to Germany for the first, on the television show virtue will greatly promote Chinese traditional virtues of social spread. Youth experience: growth in success as the saying goes, Little strokes fell great oaks. All successful hardening is a process of Tiechu grinding, however, when the flowers and applause to the instant success of the outbreak, but few people remember Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum flower". Remove the hard process heavy, the joy of success will become weak, is not so The imprint is engraved on my heart. Refueling! The design of the girl "elimination tournament did not cruel, don’t play trick. The game moves. Although among the 54 students, ability!相关的主题文章:

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