Ningxiang Changsha Meitanba ground collapse pit area of about 100 square meters tsumori chisato

Ningxiang Changsha Meitanba ground collapse pit area of about 100 square metres of the original title: Ningxiang coal dam collapse pit, an area of about 100 square meters, the relevant departments to quickly dispose of: September 28th six pm, Ningxiang County town village coal brick residents, suddenly heard a loud noise, such as when you react, found the collapse of a resident of the homestead village, forming a crater diameter has been about 20 meters or so, the preliminary estimate of the pit is more than and 100 square meters. Local government immediately alert the surrounding. The emergence of 20 meters in diameter pit area of about 100 square meters at the scene, the collapse pit about 100 square meters, visual depth is seven or eight meters deep, the surrounding ground has crack, pit edge of loose soil, it is easy to collapse again. The highway collapse pit edge cracking of loose soil suspended pit side of the village road was cut in half, and some did not collapse. But the following has been suspended, residents from here if it is very dangerous. It is understood that the collapse before the pit above is a resident of the homestead, and most of all fell into a deep pit and a little furniture, hanging on the side, at any time may fall. Residents worried about the expansion of the town government to deal with the emergency evacuation of the collapse, the collapse of the homestead has been demolished, and other resettlement, did not cause any damage. After the incident, the local town government immediately rushed to the scene emergency closure, evacuation of nearby residents. At present, the site has been closed to traffic, with the retaining seal. Local town government said that the early exploitation of coal mines, excessive extraction of groundwater, resulting in the formation of underground caverns in many places. The accident is related to cave collapse. At present, various departments are urgent research governance programs. (visual focus)相关的主题文章:

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