Nanning put 100 thousand people today online motor vehicle license plate number selection ca1290

Nanning put 100 thousand people today online motor vehicle license plate number selection according to the national unified version number selection software, the owners can choose the business license in the Internet or vehicle window selection. This reform, Nanning will be a one-time delivery of not less than 100 thousand plate resources, including the Internet and network security, the pool has no less than 50 thousand people selected resources for motor vehicle license plate. The telephone number, number selection process also insist on transparency. The reporter learned that all the resources on the Internet or on the license plate number pool before the public security network in advance to the public, and to determine the license plate number plate owners selected by the owners to choose, achieve transparency and voluntary. According to reports, the election, the Internet, public security network and data maintenance to achieve full automation system license plate, lack of resources by the system automatically to the random plate library put added, to ensure that each plate library is not less than 50 thousand plate for the owners to choose, without manual operation. In order to make the plate production cycle shortened again, to further facilitate the people to the nearest licensed Nanning city making based on its original 2 plates on the site, plans to add 3 more plate making. "" Internet "pre plate 1, raiders from November 15th onwards, Nanning City, the official opening of the online pre plate function, and one-time in integrated service management platform (Internet traffic safety) on the release of not less than 50 thousand vehicle number (Guangxi A0000A to Guangxi A9999G), for the masses to self chosen and random selection. 2, at present, the Internet is only suitable for small pre plate non operating motor vehicle registered car, car owners to complete the individual Internet users after registration on working days during the period of 8:00-23:00, log in the comprehensive traffic safety management service platform, the selection of motor vehicle business module in the "pre license plate" project, and follow the prompts to pre plate. 3, pick before you are ready for the "motor vehicle certificate", "Car Buying invoice", registered users fill in the mobile phone number, ID, for not to live in the household staff also need to be prepared for a residence permit (or proof of residence). The user in the pre plate process, need to enter the "vehicle identification code, Car Buying invoice information, upload photos, contact information Car Buying invoice entry, at the same time, receiving and sending mobile phone SMS verification code input platform, to confirm the selection of basic information and pre plate. 4, due to the import of motor vehicles in the registration, the need for more than the national unified import car inspection system, such as the parameters of the model does not meet national standards, will be returned to the business in this process. Recommend the types of vehicles to the vehicle and the owners of the first service site for the vehicle inspection business after take license plate, to avoid the back office business, pre plate exceeds the time limit shall not be retained. License plate of motor vehicle 5, with a primary user can handle a vehicle at a time, according to preferences "self selection" (20 chance) or "immediately pick" (10 chance), the maximum operating time, for 30 minutes. Users to determine the number on the Internet, please within 3 working days to the relevant vehicle management.相关的主题文章:

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