Nanjing Jurong intercity opened in 2017 to build four line two line across the river built in five y

Nanjing Jurong intercity opened in 2017 to build four line two line across the river for five years to complete the provincial Party Congress report pointed out that to conform to the trend of the main form to promote the city to city group of Nanjing City, play a leading role, promote Ningzhenyang sector integration development, promote the coordinated development of medium and small cities and small towns. The provincial Party, Nanjing Metro Group Chairman she was high in the discussion on the afternoon of 18, revealed a major positive Ningzhenyang integration of rail transport, intercity Ning started in 2017 confirmed the sentence. She Caigao introduction, Nanjing is currently operating in the subway mileage of 255 kilometers, is located in the country’s first phalanx, operating mileage will exceed 420 km after 5 years, to achieve leapfrog development. The next step will focus on the urban and rural areas, Ningzhenyang integration, cross river development center, to further accelerate the construction of Nanjing rail transit. Nanjing to Zhenjiang, Yangzhou rail traffic feasibility study. He said, is the first EIA publicity Ning City will determine the start in 2017. She was tall, said in the cross river development, five years after the Nanjing river crossing the subway will now become the 4 of the 2, in addition to the construction of Ning and intercity, line two will be completed within the next five years. Reporters learned that, at present, the construction of line four is nearing completion, the train has been online trial run, is expected in January next year, that is, before the Spring Festival will be put into operation. The second phase is to pick up from the Longjiang Railway Station, crossing the river to Jiangbei District core area, has been extended to the foot of Laoshan Zhenzhuquan, also plans to access long-term planning in Nanjing North station. She Caigao introduced in aspects of urban and rural development, with rather high Ningli and Nanjing and intercity smoothly, two years in Gaochun, Lishui and Qiaolin in the region through the subway. He said that at present, our province has Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou, Nantong, Xuzhou, six cities approved rail transportation planning, the number of ranking among the provinces in the country ranked first. Currently Yangzhou, Zhenjiang is also actively planning the construction of subway.相关的主题文章:

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