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Lu Chuan attended the summit called attention of media and public nature link – Sohu entertainment "we are optimist" discussion Lu Chuan interviewed Sohu entertainment news yesterday, in 2016 the global social media and public welfare summit at the Centennial Hall of Peking University was held this year, the theme of the summit is "Lotte action, create and change the future", by director Lu Chuan invited to attend the meeting. The summit, Lu Chuan offered his support for the goal of sustainable development, climate change, and after "we Lotte action" to discuss links from their field of shared many feelings, calls for common concern of endangered animal and natural ecological protection. Global social media and public welfare summit is one of the world’s highest level of social media and public forums sponsored by the United Nations Foundation and other organizations. The summit was founded in September 2010 the United Nations Week, held once a year, in order to spread to the whole world the United Nations goal of sustainable development, to attract industries all over the world elite and the public spirited people to discuss how to stimulate innovation and encourage public participation, to create a better world. At the opening of the summit, Lu Chuan together with all guests to think about the future, to jointly support the 17 goal of sustainable development, by actively called for everyone to participate in the realization of the goal of. Lu Chuan is dedicated to the China endangered animal image story, advocating for endangered animal survival environmental concern in 2004 about protection of the Hoh Xil Tibetan antelope works "Kekexili" award-winning, working with Disney about Chinese rare animal story movie "natural born in our Chinese" just released in August has been widely acclaimed, he in the face of these endangered animal problems always maintained a positive and innovative attitude in their field of practice change. "We are all in the Lotte action" discussion, when asked why this insisted for many years – Commercial niche theme, Lu Chuan shared his experience: "I have been very interested in wild animal, natural film is a very unique experience in the film industry. I hope more people pay attention to the natural ecology and development." Talking about their growth process, Lu Chuan said he had had a confused time, but when the film is no longer confused, to do the movie is something that can make you happy.   相关的主题文章:

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