IPhone could have felt that VR was much better than those bad glasses stand by me shinee

The original iPhone VR can feel much better than those of rotten glasses VR development kit Occipital days before the launch of 6 axis motion tracking for iPhone brings room level VR experience. Tencent digital hearing (Sean) apple devices are basically missed VR. Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are not good enough to support the Mac graphics card, iPhone does not have a similar Samsung Gear VR accessories – in addition to some Google Cardboard cottage. But Occipital, a technology firm, thinks it can solve the problem, at least for iPhone. After in 2013 after a very successful congregation, the company recently released its own VR development kit, promises to bring room level VR experience for iPhone. Occipital’s head mounted system integrates special software called Bridge Engine, and can collect the user’s 6 axis position data through a proprietary Structure Core 3D sensor. In addition, it also integrates the support for the iOS version of the Unity image engine. Cooperate with a special SDK, Structure sensor to the current environment to create accurate color depth map, so that 3D scanning and large-scale simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) and other advanced applications becomes possible. Occipital needs to get power from the connected iPhone, but its energy consumption is not high, only the use of a single core mobile chip. In the energy saving at the same time, Occipital claims that their products can become a stable image platform, the delay will not exceed 10ms. Interested in this device developers can go to the official website of Occipital to buy, the price is $499 (about 3330 yuan). This system includes Structure sensors, iPhone wide-angle adapter lens, Homido 1 VR helmet, as well as 3D printing panel and cell phone protective sleeve.相关的主题文章:

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