HUAWEI’s new flagship exposure 2K screen + Unicorn 960+ dual photo – Sohu digital remonstrate

HUAWEI’s new flagship exposure: 2K screen + Unicorn 960+ dual photo – Sohu digital [mobile china news] HUAWEI is about to release this afternoon in Shanghai, the state line version of Mate 9, a strong allocation of people everywhere. But we do not panic, because a configuration than Mate 9 is also a powerful new flagship has been exposed, it is said that this new flagship will be part of the P series, no accident is P10. GFXBench data show that this new flagship model for HUAWEI LON-L29, Lenovo had to P9 exposure when the model is LON-L19, so the machine is 90% P series of new flagship. It will be equipped with 5.5 inches 2K level display, do not know is not the same as edge and Samsung S7 hyperboloid screen, equipped with Android 7 EMUI 5 development system based on the kylin 960 processor, memory configuration to 6GB RAM+256GB ROM. Camera, the machine front 800W pixel self timer lens, rear 1200W pixel main lens, no accident should be the same as the second generation of Leica Mate double shot – 1200W color lens +2000W black and white lens. P series is the best color HUAWEI products, coupled with the top performance, no doubt lethal.相关的主题文章:

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