Hsu Chi refused to go to the zoo just want to escape from refusing to see any animal show viper12a

Hsu Chi refused to go to the zoo to see: just want to escape from any animal show – Beijing, Beijing, October 23, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported, has been upgraded to "Mrs. Feng" Hsu Chi, still did not forget to express their views on many social issues, as well as beauty and kindness of her late yesterday in the personal social media published for the zoo’s idea, profound and moving text, after so many netizens sonorous and forceful, after all have to point praise, call the goddess idea. Hsu Chi wrote: "I do not like to go to a Zoo Aquarium and so on, I feel that if I have been kept in the same place can not go out and feel terrible." She then lists of their own experience, once said to go to Japan to Xiongben, saw a heap of bear life without love, or standing or lying, or leaning against the wall waiting for tourists throwing food to the children, a movement? Will, then let her think only to escape, because of the fear of empathy. In addition, Hsu Chi also said: "continue to see many aquarium or zoo dolphins or stay in the bottom wall not to breathe, a polar bear hunger strikes Dutch act the news, so I refused to see any animal."相关的主题文章:

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