How to look at the fear of Islam in western society

How to look at the "fear of Islam" in western society? "Islam and modernization" has been discussed for a long time, and a lot of works have been published, but to a large extent, this is not an effective way of asking questions, but it may still be a false problem to some extent. Peking University Department of history in the Middle East and Islamic studies professor Tao Zan in this article for the surging news manuscript written in summary today to Islam as a "essentialism" way of understanding the risk, not just Westerners, Islamic fundamentalism is also in the use of homogenization of the Islamic concept. Tao Zan further pointed out that the western "Islamophobia" is bringing the rise of right-wing forces in the western world, and because of the different groups of opposites intensifies, perhaps there will be a so-called "prophecy of self realization". Finally, Zan Tao pointed out that criticism of Islamic extremism, can not be ignored from the Muslim internal perspective. In reality, we must break through the preset value of secularism based on "new thinking to create constitutional arrangements based on how to establish a let the secular and religious believers to live in harmony".     two kinds of way of understanding of Islam: Essentialism and multiculturalism from the angle of epistemology, about Islam (ISM) there are two paths: first, the essence of the understanding object path, consciously or unconsciously, its presupposition discussion is homogeneous, in the research about Islam, the most the typical representative of this path is considered Bernard · Lewis (Bernard Lewis, 1916.5.31). Many of his remarks were criticized, said his view presupposes the Islamic civilization behind the existence of a monolithic world. Many people know the path to criticize the essentialism, the representative is Edward · he said, "in the report" (Islamic Shanghai Translation Publishing House, 2009) bluntly referred to the two person, the first is Bernard · Lewis; the second is Daniel · (Daniel, Pipes); pipes of the latter is the student of Lewis generation of pipes has famously argued: "there is no moderate Islamist", as a result, his criticism and threats but he never too many to count, on this issue made any concessions. The opposite is pluralism and essentialism, which is currently looks more people to stand. Of course, this is also involved in the west, the so-called "politically correct" problem. Pluralism thinks that there is no so-called homogenization of Islam or the Muslim world. Edward said is actually the support of pluralism. Dedicated to the concept of "the Islamic world" analysis of the Japanese scholars is the representative of Haneda, "" the Islamic world "concept formation" (Shanghai Ancient Books Press, 2012) and "the process and reason of the Islamic world" as a concept, he put forward from the world history of world history education education of course, is Japan’s perspective to reflect on this question, criticism of this book is similar to takesaid, which is precisely the Western Orientalism Orientalism created a.相关的主题文章:

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