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Hong Kong actor Tracy Ip Canbei exposes prior Gangjie (right) as the table Li Yilang Deng Yiling (left) host guest, the first public talk very embarrassed. Tracy Ip and her husband often flash. Sina entertainment news Beijing on September 16th news, according to Hongkong media reports, this year’s Mid Autumn Festival is to provoke "fire", following the actress Michelle Ye [micro-blog] in the mainland show innuendo mainland actress Zihan Chen [micro-blog] is the second millennium, artist Li Yilang (Don) yesterday (September 15th) in the ViuTV program by exposing the history of them, spearhead Tracy Ip from [micro-blog], that has a wife, she was very embarrassed, after Li Yilang telephone interview, this period of time to answer but Tracy Ip denied Li Yilang ready to accept either course, is her love. Li Yilang and the former Miss Hong Kong champion Tracy Ip is not when former models can be considered knowledge in micro, later the man was photographed in Tracy Ip’s short Syria, which came two people dating, but the two sides still did not admit simple denial, the relationship between the two sides. Yesterday (September 15th) Li Yilang ViuTV program "late – blow pops," too good be guest, and hosted by Deng Yiling (A Dan) and Liang Zixi to explore the secret sex position, by A Dan Li Yilang in the program in which each girlfriend would sleep with him, "special service". No denying the "special service" in this regard, Li Yilang did not deny that he is willing to "service" for all his girlfriend, asked whether the most profound love Tracy Ip? He immediately said: "marry the pretend amnesia? Do not remember, but I am very deep, because they have loved. That is so contradictory? I mean, I have a deep love for each process, the process will forget it! (then there is no shooting habits? No), did not take pictures, usually just dating photo, wearing clothes, today here is knowledge, was very sharp, knows 48 personality skills." Love "dragon hanging drum" talked about in the program and then exposing the love "dragon hanging drum" sex moves, the host asked the woman immediately be tall or not and is not fun (Cantonese and "Chui" homonym), the old name of Tracy Ip, Li Yilang smiled and said: "this action is very difficult it is very difficult, really embarrassed about these, there are just a lot of boys with demonstration posture." Now he has single years of neglect, although the 34 year old has reached marriageable age, but also did not meet the right person, ask him to leave what future wife? Li Yilang said with a smile: with my father gave me the same, is a hair, because there are 72 changes, in fact, is to leave the feelings and love to the wife, in short, good news will tell you." And after, Liang Zixi and Li Yilang also live demonstration of different sexual positions, Liang Zixi is also funny to Li Yilang said: "you called me when I was Gangjie Gangjie champions as well!" Again he came with Tracy Ip’s love. Would Li Yilang in the program for users at the speech is easy to think of Tracy Ip, followed by friends cursed, said to have a wife Tracy caused great damage, it should not be. Reporter yesterday (September 15th) Li Yilang fierce speech call Tracy Ip, she denied dating with him.相关的主题文章:

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