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Hilary VS Trump: what difference where this article first appeared in the WeChat public number of international schools parents circle "two views on education, to know more of the original first article, please pay attention to the public on July 19th (ischoolQZ) Donald · Trump was elected Republican candidate for the U.S. presidency in 2016. Not surprisingly, the next president will be elected between Trump and his rival, the Democratic candidate, ·, Clinton, and Mr. The educational position and perspective of both parties will be an important factor affecting the future of American education. From their point of view, we can also see what is the core issue of education in American society. Education Innovation Research Center in twenty-first Century, the Institute of education background: Elementary and Secondary Education Act (Elementary and Secondary Education Act): education is the fundamental act of the federal government, the provisions of the federal government power and obligation of education, adopted in 1965. The bill is rebuilt every five years. "No Child Left Behind Act (No Child Left Behind Act): the bill is the elementary and secondary education act of 2001 2001 rebuilt case, proposed by the George W. Bush administration and Congress to pass through. The act requires schools to improve academic standards, standardized test implementation of the States unified, get up to a certain standard of school only in the test of the federal government financial support, expand the involvement of the federal government on public education. 2015 was "every student success" bill to replace. "Every student success" (Every Student Succeed Act) act: for the effectiveness of standardized testing as well as concerns about federal centralization, "No Child Left Behind Act encountered great resistance. As a new educational policy in the United States, "every student success" bill inherited the use of standardized testing and accountability of schools (accountability), but the school evaluation more power delegated to the States, the federal government weakened on education’s involvement. Common core (Common Cores): "common core" provides a recommended standard for American students to achieve the level of English and mathematics learning in each grade. This standard is similar to the curriculum standard of our country, but it is not mandatory. Currently, 50 states in the United States have adopted the standard of the 42 states. The development of this standard has been supported and supported by the American political and educational circles. 2009-2013 U. S. Secretary of state; 2001-2009 New York senator; 1993-2001 first lady of the United States; 1979-19811983-1992, first lady of Arkansas. The president of the Trump foundation, the foundation for the hotel industry and business investment; "the art of the deal", "worth" in the United States and many of the author of the book; "the apprentice" reality TV show producer.   &.相关的主题文章:

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