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The heating furnace Water Leakage million property bubble bad furniture that the owners for improper use of heating furnace in recent years has been very normal, who knows no one at home when suddenly Water Leakage, shoe will be home to millions of dollars worth of bad bulb does not say, also took a lot of important documents of bill. Listen to the owners Mr. cainuanlu customer service staff said that the residential property is a sudden increase in water pressure to cause this result for compensation, but the property was denied the move. Mr. Hu home to the East Lake international issue, October 17th at 9 o’clock in the evening, he act the way out, suddenly received a call the property, said the house flooded, the water from the door to the corridor has to flow, the valve closing. Hu hurried to drive home, found that the leakage point in the area of the unity of each household heating stove, because no one at home, at least 5 hours of water leakage. Heating stove is a shoe below the value of 8800 yuan, after soaking after multiple cracking paint, furniture cabinet on important documents and invoices all bubble bad. Mr. Hu said, the morning of the second day heating stove company maintenance workers came home to find that the water heater there is no fault, just because of the external pressure suddenly increased, exceeding the rated pressure water heater set, so from the emergency exit suddenly flow out, this is a kind of self protective measures. Hu and the company’s customer service communication a record shows that the district has five or six households on the same day the 123 households encountered the same situation. Hu believes that the same time a few days in the case of heating furnace leakage is definitely not a coincidence, the owner did not notice the property without authorization to enhance the water pressure, resulting in water leakage incidents, should bear the corresponding responsibility. Yesterday morning, the Wuhan evening news reporter in Mr. Hu visited that area, the downstairs tenants Ms. Han in the day also have the same experiences, she provided photos show the day after Water Leakage heating stove, the living room is the home usually used to practice water overflows golden hill, and all soaked in the water. "Master of maintenance also told me that the main reason is the change in water pressure, with the water heater itself has no relationship to the quality of." At the same time, some owners admitted that the recent water significantly better than before, feeling like a pressure adjustment. Said the residential property to a Mr. Hu’s reply, the engineering supervisor arrived home, has described the position of the pumps, equipment has been the normal operation, no exception occurs, this month did not have a pressure regulating action. After careful examination, the heating furnace water valve is not closed with the phenomenon, with the water heater pressure increases, so the work will not stop decompression drainage, use for a long time without closing the drain valve in the case, it will cause a large number of indoor and Water Leakage loss, the main reason for the preliminary determination of negligence of hot water is in use. Followed by reporters accompanied Hu came to the residential property center, the relevant person in charge of Liu stressed once again that the day did not have the pressure of the move, if the pressure will certainly advance notice. The pressure on residents to raise the pressure, he may be an analysis of personal feelings. Finally, he said that does not rule out the possibility of booster facilities may be willing to accept third party identification test. (Wuhan Evening News) video Hebei sixty elderly a "furniture tree" a chair 80 thousand yuan on the big Chu official WeChat (micro signal: dachuw.相关的主题文章:

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