Hand ran trapeze inverted run 100 meters in just 45 seconds to refresh the world record seaway

"Hand ran trapeze" inverted run 100 meters in just 45 seconds to refresh the world record in the world today, called him "hand ran trapeze". "Hand ran trapeze" have a catchy name, Fan Congcong. The 90, when a soldier, worked as a security guard, martial arts instructor, spent 9 years in Xiamen green time. According to Taiwanese network (micro-blog) reported earlier this year, Fan Congcong boarded the CCTV Guinness China night scene, successfully challenged a hand stand up and down 40 steps, and to take 31.7 seconds for the project world record. The same year, he ran 100 meters in just 45 seconds to record a handstand, known as the "hand ran trapeze"…… Prior to this, Fan Congcong is that doing the "martial arts Xiamen park a weirdo in the eyes of many people". The "freak" is going back to his hometown in Henan, for a movie actor. Acrophobic he was a friend saying confidence choice, there is always some subtle. Standing in the hall with 40 steps of CCTV broadcast, Fan Congcong said, he is faced with a very big choice. "I have acrophobia, participate in the program (recording), very excited, very excited, very nervous." Fan Congcong said that when he really stood on the top of the 40 steps, the body began to shake involuntarily, but also want to give up the challenge. But before he plans to return to Xiamen, to the day when the martial arts instructor, night life guards, a friend advised him: "for a lifetime may have such a chance, give up could be lost forever, must spell." "So many years of practicing martial arts, is always being laughed at (should)." In order to fight this tone, Fan Congcong hard back towards the soy leg, returned to the stage. CCTV at the beginning of the "Guinness China Night", with 31.7 seconds of success, the success of the challenge of the upper and lower levels of handstand handstand project, a record of the world record of the project, the Guinness, the world record for the world’s 40. Never promise between "Frankenstein" to the Guinness world record holder, one night, Fan Congcong completed a magnificent turn. The road of martial arts has been accompanied by the laughter of 26 year old Fan Congcong, was born in a family of martial arts in Henan County of Xihua. His father was a lay disciple of Shaolin Temple, wrote martial arts. At the age of 3, Fan Congcong was with the father of martial arts, every year at 5 o’clock in the morning began with professional brothers together during the practice, father saw walk on actor Jackie Chan in the film, in order to cultivate a martial arts star, let him walk on practice. At first, his father helped him with his feet. He climbed up and down the ground, slowly, and mastered the skills. "Walking handstand exercise is the strength in your arms, at the beginning, think it is difficult to breathe, it is difficult to" move "." Fan Congcong see martial arts so hard, more than once wanted to give up. After his father became a bodyguard, because of the loss of the martial arts urge, Fan Congcong no longer insist on exercising, or sleep, or play. Seeing his father, in Fan Congcong at the age of 13, commissioned a brother with his son to Shaolin Temple to martial arts. From 2003 to 2007, Fan Congcong did not get what results, after he was drafted into the army and the army in Zhangzhou. Because of martial arts expertise, Fan Congcong soon be all comrades know, after him;相关的主题文章:

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