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GuiYang Railway Station: winter vacation student tickets on sale   buy – Guizhou Channel – original title in 6 ways: GuiYang Railway Station: winter vacation student ticket sale purchase message from GuiYang Railway Station, through 6 ways at present, through 6 ways 12306, 12306 mobile phone website APP, telephone, train station ticket window, ticket vending machine and other outlets, can advance purchase tickets for winter vacation. Student tickets for the winter and summer vacation time two hours, of which the winter vacation from December 1st to next year in March 31st. The Spring Festival in 2017 January 28th, somewhat earlier than in previous years, it is expected that the students return home most concentrated period of time is mid January." GuiYang Railway Station introduced, according to the relevant provisions of railway ticket sale, yesterday (October 13th), through 12306 websites, 12306 mobile phone client and telephone (96006, 95105105), far in December 11th the purchase of tickets; through the train station ticket window, ticket vending machines, train ticket outlets, far in December 9th the purchase of tickets. Today (13 days), the former three kinds of way, far in December 12th the purchase of tickets; by three ways, far in December 10th the purchase of tickets and so on. Now the winter vacation soon "student ticket pre-sale time, estimated pre-sale volume before December 25th are not too large." GuiYang Railway Station official introduction, is expected to start in late December, student ticket pre-sale will usher in the peak. In mid January 2017, students start the peak day peak winter vacation home, Guiyang two train station to send students to more than 7000 people, students focus on the direction of Wuhan, Zhengzhou Province, is Changsha, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Chengdu, Chongqing, Xi’an, Liupanshui, Zunyi Province, Kaili, Tuyun and other places. ((Ceng Qin): Luo Lian, commissioning editor Chen Kangqing)相关的主题文章:

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