Fudan girl suffering from leukemia in need of platelets within 1 days of enrollment of 307 people to e2140

Fudan girl suffering from leukemia in need of platelets within 1 days of enrollment of 307 people donate a "love relay" in Fudan University. At the end of October 2016, the Physics Department of the 20 year old school girl Yin Sheng (a pseudonym) in the break suddenly felt dizzy, after being diagnosed with acute monocytic leukemia. In order to solve the urgent needs of Yin Sheng chemotherapy platelets, where she belongs to the Department of physics by the WeChat public number launched a love relay initiative issued 11 hours, there are 307 volunteers to sign up. Yin Sheng’s counselor told surging news (reporter), a total of 4 organizations have been organized a total of 18 volunteers to donate blood, the success of the blood of the blood of the two students, each donated a total of two blood platelets. Yin Sheng’s attending physician, said Hou Jun, which is sufficient to win the first course of treatment with blood needs, but the subsequent chemotherapy, each time the need for platelet support. This love relay continues. Now the most urgent need is the friend and counselor in platelet eyes, Yin Sheng is a positive and optimistic, cheerful and lively girl, she is quite gentle, know how to take care of the feelings of others, even if ill also maintained the concern of others. At the end of October 2016, dizziness and other symptoms appeared this year only 20 year-old girls in class. Shortly after the Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital, she was diagnosed with acute monocytic leukemia. The disease is a kind of acute myeloid leukemia, which occurs in the middle-aged and young people. According to the school revealed that in the early stage of the treatment, the input of 1200 ml of blood, Yin Sheng’s physical strength significantly enhanced, low fever under control. In order to reduce the risk of infection, she immediately transferred to the sterile ward. The most urgent need for this young girl is the precious platelet. Her chief physician, Shanghai Tenth People’s Hospital, deputy director of the Department of Hematology physician Hou Jun told surging news reporter, since November 2nd, Yin Sheng began to accept the first 7 days of chemotherapy. In the meantime, she needs at least three platelet support. If you live through this period of time, Yin Sheng will continue to repeated chemotherapy. Each of these chemotherapy is separated by a month or so, every time she needs 6-7 units (1 units =200 ml) of platelet support. In the tense tense moment, donations can provide her with blood indicators – the number of normal people can donate platelets in one to two units. I hope she will be able to continue the brilliant life of the initiative was issued by Yin Sheng’s Department of physics. In November 5th 13, WeChat public number in the Physics Department of Fudan University and issued "Gewu" love relay, composition of blood donation proposal ". The initiative received a lot of attention, WeChat public number, Fudan University and other platforms were reproduced. "We’ve done a lot of work, but we still need more love." Wrote the petition, conveyed the hospital for blood relatives (mainly platelet) tension for help, Department of physics of Fudan University grade 2013 undergraduate Party branch has carried out blood donation response, many students had a positive response, but because the composition of blood donation for the donor requirements extremely tough, 3 days of the 3 batch of 12 people are unable to students to meet the requirements. The proposal called: "therefore, we put forward suggestions and appeal to more teachers and students).相关的主题文章:

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