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"From the song" hate fixing yuan Chun joined screen Nirvana in Fire cited expectations – the latest stills stills Sohu Sohu entertainment entertainment news recently, by the Beijing Universiade film culture limited investment products, director Xu Fei, Ying Da is the producer of martial arts film "from the song" Machiavellian hate the official fixing. This part of the assembled cross-strait idol star movie was filmed has aroused great attention and interest of the audience. By the historical drama "screen" reputation Nirvana in Fire is described in an overhead under the background of the martial arts world, a princess with hatred of the princess was involved in several disputes and disputes among countries has feelings. The film director and screenwriter in the overall control over the previous film imagination. I believe the sincerity of the big movie after the launch will be able to get great attention. "From the song" hate making concerned in fixing sincere good story, good make efforts to do the article not only is the key to all need to pay attention to the traditional TV platform. The movie "from hate song" relying on the powerful script, let the overhead of the martial arts film in the rhythm of the story of the struggle, to control, dramatic tension of the show, has a great impact, and make its audience with confidence. Strong production team, production team of conscience, it condensed a lot of effort to bring more people to the network point of praise. Coupled with the growing advantages of the network platform over the years, will be able to make this movie popular. Not only is produced and the content of conscience, this drama in the choice of cosmetic also pains. The reason is not only the "compelling drama screen" to create a new game between Nirvana in Fire Machiavellian Jiangshan beauty, catch the eye of the audience, more wild plot, moreish immersed in love all the elements ready to do boldly what is righteous intertwined, so this drama is full of bright spot. Is full of expectations. Support the audience will be able to get a valuable quality, large viewing. A strong cast of characters with care for a distressed outstanding film and television works, a good script and a strong production team is not enough, people love and attention is a combination of character actors image, the relationship between various people and the assembled, cross-strait idol star, Gao Yan the values gathered from hate song but also has this property. The gentle sea goddess (formerly known as Wang Yanhua), Taiwan metrosexual man such a public actor’s interpretation of these characters make full three-dimensional shape, all very touching, lets people unconsciously on the fate of the characters in a character across the screen, with the feelings of. In dealing with the relationship between the characters, the play is also a deep love. The main Machiavellian plot, the relationship between the characters is more complex and changeable, tell their stories, in the character of the action language constitute the story, the characters in the plot development, is really a great works from the song of hate. One by one to keep in mind the role of one of the heart of the plot, from the hate song into the post production, so that all people have been caught in the hope of happiness.   相关的主题文章:

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