Fan Bingbing propaganda film was advised to leave the Wuhan police said they did not participate in

Fan Bingbing was persuaded to leave the propaganda film of Wuhan police said not involved in security work – Beijing, Beijing, October 25 Wuhan Xinhua (reporter Zhang Qin) in October 24th, Fan Bingbing appeared on the Huazhong Normal University propaganda film, attended the event only 10 minutes after being advised to leave. 25, 2009, the Wuhan Municipal Public Security Bureau, through its official micro-blog peace Wuhan responded that the public security organs did not participate in the activities of security work. Some media reports, 24, I am not Pan Jinlian, held in advance in Huazhong Normal University viewing. Fan Bingbing appeared only after 10 minutes, the host suddenly announced: "because some small emergencies, need to take a rest under the sister Bing Bing." One side of Feng Xiaogang interrupted the host said: is to ask Fan Bingbing to leave immediately, if you do not leave the power immediately." Fan Bingbing reluctantly leave. "Safe Wuhan" 25 informed that the evening of October 24th in the Huazhong Normal University concert hall held seminar on film does not belong to large-scale mass activities, according to the provisions of the public security organs do not need approval, the local police station, the branch and the Council security departments do not have received the Huazhong Normal University on the activities of the declaration, the public security organs also did not participate in the activities of the security work. (end)相关的主题文章:

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